Our Story


Eventide Brewing was formed out of friendship and a love of good beer.  Nathan, Haley, and Geoffrey all met at Georgia Southern, and later on began to experiment with homemade pickles, mustard, cheese, and  beer. Nathan and Geoffrey’s first batch of beer was brewed on a “Mr. Beer” kit. Shortly after realizing they needed to upgrade, Nathan fabricated a three kettle brew system, which is still used to create our test brews today. Mathew joined the team a few years later after being introduced to the group through one of Haley’s close friends. The combination of everyone’s background and talents has allowed us to build this company from the ground up, become closer friends, and craft award winning beer. We are very happy to call Atlanta home and to provide this great city with offerings that will really show what “Craft” can be. To us, great doesn’t have to be complicated.

Members of Eventide

Geoffrey WilliamsGeoffrey Williams

He Makes the Beer

Geoffrey is the taste and talent behind our products and is the person that keeps production moving along. He knows whose ass to kick (ours) to get product in and out in a timely manner, and he is tasked with making sure the beer makes its way to you. As a thirteen-year veteran of logistics and supply chain management, he knowshow to keep production and our supply chain running.

A perfectionist of his craft (pun intended), his recipes go through multiple phases before being finalized and approved for general consumption ensuring that only the highest quality product will ever make it to you. His beers have won multiple awards, and he has recently been granted the honor of becoming a BJCP judge. His approach to the brewing process is best summed up in Vince Lombardi’s statement, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we catch excellence.” This thought is the driving force behind his passion to create and sustain something great -- without all of the complications.



Haley CowanHaley Cowan

The face

Haley works as our brand manager, our “feet on the street.” Sales tops the list of things she’s passionate about, probably because she is ridiculously competitive and good at it-- due to years of experience. When you see her out and about, she’ll have a smile on her face, a determined look in her eye, and, most likely, a pharmacy textbook in hand. She is excited to be close to finishing her Doctorate of Pharmacy at Mercer University.



Mathew SweezeyMathew Sweezey

How stuff looks

Mathew is responsible for how things look and feel. Our brand is his baby. He started his love affair with creativity when he was a kid playing around in his dad’s wood shop. From there, he got into design, marketing, and art. He's a nationally ranked woodworker, author of books on marketing, and an all around good guy. When he's not being a super marketing dork, you'll likely find him outside. His current sports are longboarding, camping, hunting, and snowboarding. If you meet him, he'll probably be in a ball cap, t-shirt, and a smile. In hisown words, "I love what I do and hope it shows every time you pick up a can of our beer."

Nathan CowanNathan Cowan

Head Engineer

Nathan is the CEO of Eventide Brewing. He has over 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering and construction and is a registered Professional Engineer with the State of Georgia. Nathan’s passion for brewing stems from the complex engineering and coordination involved in the brewing process as well as his interest in business development – and beer. He takes care of the critical project development steps and the challenges of design implementation that keep Eventide Brewery up and running -- and us moving towards our goals. When not running a brewery, Nathan pursues his interest in making things from scratch including homemade mustard, pickles, and home-grown veggies. He counts himself lucky to have Haley as his loving wife and partner in this project.


Help Us Give Back

We lost a great friend in March of 2012, Cullen Branch. He was an avid hunter, a backpacker, was honored to be Annie Lebowitz’s understudy for 2 years, and, up until the time of his passing, was a camera operator for the hit series Auction Kings. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on with the creation of the “Cullen Branch” memorial grant. This grant will be giving out $100 to organizations who help people within the Atlanta community, support the arts, or are focused on the outdoors.

Help us to keep his memory alive but nominating a charity which you think should be awarded the grant.