Atlanta is in the midst of a beer revolution. We are seeing many new brewers pop up, as well as many people writing about beer. This week we are going to focus on some of Atlanta’s best beer blogs and columns.


Picture 46Fred’s Beer Blog: 

Fred Crudder is an icon in the Atlanta beer scene. He is the name sake also for one of Atlanta’s finest beer bars: “The Fred”. We wrote a piece about Fred a while ago which shed light and praise on his support of the Atlanta brewing community. Fred often writes about what is new in Atlanta and what he and TacoMac are coming up with next.


atlanta beer geek Eric Thornton is another prolific Atlanta beer writer. Eric has a long history with beer and remains involved with all aspects of it. You’re likely to see him taking pictures for his next post and checking out the new wares at every beer event you go to. We have also given Eric a “Beer Star” for his support to our community. You can also follow Eric @beergeekatl on twitter.

Make sure you add both of these to your RSS to keep up with the best in Atlanta beer.