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Do you like Eventide Kölsch and Pale Ale but wish it came in 12 oz packaged form? Well, wish no more! Both core styles are now available in 6 pack cans across GA. Want to know where you can find them? Click this link to our most current product map.

Now, check out this slick styling and go grab yourself a six pack of Pale Ale, Kölsch, or both; just in time for Spring!


Happy new year!  There are many exciting things on the horizon here at Eventide and the first one up is the revamping of the Curiosity Club.

Kimberly (Kimmie) Coburn founded The Homestead Atlanta in an attempt to bring people back to an artisanal, self sustaining way of life. Whether it’s starting your own garden, learning to work with wood or metal, or furthering knowledge of natural materials for medicinal use and greater well being, The Homestead Atlanta has something for everyone. We’re very much looking forward to what The Homestead Atlanta will bring to our Curiosity Club event, and if the first class in any indication, we’re in for a phenomenal year.

We encourage everyone to come out next Wednesday, 1/20, for the first ever Curiosity Club featuring The Homestead Atlanta.

Fall is failing, although you couldn’t tell by the current weather, and Winter is fast approaching. With this change comes a new Eventide seasonal: Kattegat Baltic Porter.

In keeping with our brand focus, we are introducing a traditional and approachable style that many have not yet had the chance to sample or appreciate. Much like the Kattegat, this beer will open an avenue previously unknown or rarely tread by the average beer drinker. We’ve employed this strategy in the past with our Kölsch Style Ale, and we plan to continue this “bridge to craft” approach with future offerings.

The beer itself is a Baltic Porter. This style, unlike its better know cousin the Robust Porter, doesn’t have the deep roasted, burnt notes, noticeable hops, and prevalent esters. Our Baltic Porter will have a clean profile with flavors reminiscent of rich, dark sugar, vinous and herbal notes, some dark fruit, and just enough dark chocolate and coffee to bring everything together. We are very excited to present our new interpretation of this old style to you, and we look forward to raising a glass with you soon.


Name: Kattegat \ Kat·te·gat \ˈka-ti-ˌgat\

Style: Baltic Porter

ABV: 7%

IBU: 27 SRM: 25

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.25.54 PM

gaJOBS - Create


SB 63, aka the beer jobs bill, is on the docket today for discussion and will be put to a vote by the GA Senate Regulated Industries committee. Moving past this first hurdle will give the bill legitimacy and will greatly aid its chances for complete adoption. If you haven’t already contacted your representative in support of this bill, please do so. Thanks for all of your support!



This time last year Atlanta was covered in snow and the Snowpocalypse term was cemented into our popular culture. To mark the anniversary and make note of the fact that Winter in Atlanta is very fickle and fleeting we will be releasing a one batch offering of Snowpocalypse Belgian Dark Ale next week.



His friends don’t think he’s abominable.

Weighing in at 9% ABV this Belgian Dark Ale will definitely keep you warm until the cold winter nights start heating up again. The rich flavor of Special B malt combined with a healthy malt bill makes sure your palate is satisfied, and a touch of dry hopping helps accentuate the prominent fruit esters. We’ve been waiting patiently for this beer to attenuate to its correct FG and, now that it has, we’re really excited for this to finally hit the ground and, hopefully, stick (see what we did there?). Grab it while you can because, like Winter here, it won’t last long.




It’s that time of year again! Come join us this Saturday for the biggest AWBF yet.

There is a huge locals tent where we’ll be pouring Eventide Pale Ale, Kölsch, and Nitro Stout. We look forward to seeing you there!

Many exciting things continue to come down the pike here at Eventide and, today, we would like to touch on a few of them.

First, we will be brewing our 100th batch of beer today! It may seem like a small victory to most but knowing that our beer is well enough received to have fired up the burners 100 times is a great relief and welcome win for us. When we officially kicked off in January of this year no one in our group knew what exactly would come next, and in many ways every day presents something new, but we are surely focused on making the best possible product for people to enjoy. We’re also looking forward to getting out into the market more, so don’t be surprised if we turn up at your favorite spot soon.




Sweet pin.

Second, our brewmaster, Geoffrey, is now a recognized BJCP judge. This certification is another step taken for him in his quest to be as knowledgeable about his craft as possible. Congratulations on your achievement!

Finally, as you may have seen on our social media sites this week, our brand manager, Haley, graduated from Mercer’s Pharmacy program. This has been a goal of hers for many years and we were all extremely happy to see her realize this. Congratulations to you as well!

Check out our interactive map to find which location near you is serving Eventide beer, and check our calendar for a list of upcoming events. Also, to anyone heading to the Shaky Knees festival this weekend, have fun and we may see you there!


Eventide Team

Earlier this week the FL state senate passed Bill 1714, which would effectively limit the amount of beer sold directly to the public by individual breweries. Before the bill, which was originally meant only to allow for 64 oz growlers (32 oz and 128 oz are already legal) to be sold in the state, breweries were allowed to sell any amount of beer in approved packaging. This is a HUGE means of revenue for breweries and every craft brewery firmly opposed the shape the bill took before the senate passed it.

To give you a better perspective on this, imagine a small farm run by a local family. This farm has a shed for on site produce sales. They also sell to local businesses and other accounts but a large portion of their overall income, say 25-30%, comes from on site sales, and because of the slim margin these sales are even more important to the company. Now, what would happen if the government stepped in and told the farmers they could no longer sell directly to the public but would now have to sell all of their produce to a distributor for public sales? Would that be fair? And, if such a large portion of necessary income came from these sales, how long do you think the farmers could maintain the farm without going deeply into debt or shutting the doors? In addition to this, the customer can now no longer go directly to the source for fresh product which, in many cases, makes a large difference.

This may seem like a bit of a stretch but many of today’s newer breweries compare almost exactly to this scenario. They have a very small market presence, a limited amount of funds, and can use every means of available income. So, to take this away from them would deal a significant blow to the solvency of the business. Thankfully, in this case, it appears that the bill will be defeated in the house. Hopefully, all states will soon begin to take the benefits of brewing seriously and become more friendly to our burgeoning business. Until that time, though, we’ll continue to raise awareness of the issue and work to make craft brewing more universally accepted.

Thanks for your support!


As you may know, we’ve had a contest running all month long with The Beer Growler wherein, if you purchase a 64 oz growler of either Eventide Kölsch Style Ale or Pale Ale, you receive a free pint or Kölsch glass and are entered into a drawing to win Brew at the Zoo tickets and other fun Eventide merchandise.

We’re posting about this again because there are only a couple days left to be entered into the drawing for a chance to win. Each of the 4 locations listed below will have their own set of tickets to give away (8 total tickets for those counting at home), so increase your odds by purchasing multiple growlers and/or purchasing one or more from each location. We’ll be choosing the winners on Saturday, 4/26, so get out there and pick up some Eventide beer FTW!

The Beer Growler Locations: 

865 North Main Street Suite 106
Alpharetta GA 30004

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Brookhaven Beer List
1418 Dresden Drive
Brookhaven GA 30319

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John’s Creek Beer List
3000 Old Alabama Road, Suite 109
John’s Creek GA 30022

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Sandy Springs Beer List
4969 Roswell Road Suite 220
Sandy Springs GA 30342

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Over the past couple of weeks, we have learned a great deal about brewing system components. The biggest lesson learned is that Murphy’s law applies to all of them! Because of this we’ve spent more time fixing and tweaking than we have brewing, but it looks like we’ve finally ironed out most of the wrinkles and are moving full speed ahead.

This week we have successfully completed 2 full brew days, one of which is our APA. We’ve had a Kölsch in the fermenter for a while now (actually, we kegged it last night) but this is the first completed APA brew. This is very exciting for a number of reasons, and marks one more step completed on the path to our launch. We hope to report more on the launch and future plans next week.

Have a great weekend!