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As many of you know we plan to launch with an American Pale Ale (APA) and a Kölsch Style Ale (KSA). Now, most people in America, and around the world, are familiar with the APA. It is more or less the beer that kicked off, and became the icon of, the craft beer revolution in America. It’s hoppy, malty, and delicious. However, the KSA, while well established, is not as well known in the States due to its low production volume. However, more brewers are turning to this delightful ale as a sessionable craft offering due to its relative ease to make and sustain.


The Kölsch ale hails from Cologne, Germany, and only a handful of breweries located in and around that city are legally allowed to call their beer a “Kölsch”. Because of the popularity of lagers in Germany, particularly the Pils, this delightful beer has floundered in obscurity for most of the past 100 years. However, the want of Craft brewers to add a light, clean, easy drinking offering to their lineups without the need for a long lagering process has brought this beer into the light.

For that reason, and the want to have a great beer for newcomers to transition over from light lagers, we decided to add the KSA to out initial lineup. We are very excited to offer this style and are equally excited to have you try it. Look for the Eventide Kölsch Style Ale and American Pale Ale to be served in an establishment near you very soon.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



While we are only a few days over a month into the Fall season, the Oktoberfest/Pumpkin/Fall seasonal offerings have been on the shelves since early August. Admittedly, we believe that releasing the malt/spice heavy offerings of Fall during the dog days of Summer is not the best idea. With that in mind, however, we also understand the need for maximizing the potential of these seasonal offerings (you’ll see this again with the Winter/Holiday offerings). A few of the Fall offerings that we look forward to every year are DFH’s Punkin’ Ale, Terrapin’s Pumpkinfest, Sierra Nevada’s Tumbler, and Sam Adams’ Octoberfest. Which Fall beer is your favorite?


Yesterday United Distributors (UD) hosted their first Craft Beer Symposium. They have done this often in the past to showcase their wine portfolio, with great success, but had not yet rolled the dice on one for beer. However, given the increasing popularity of Craft beer and the expansion of their Craft portfolio, UD decided that now was the time to introduce as many retailers to their newest products as possible. It was a risk for sure, but it was also an event that would allow for further permeation of Craft beer into the market and one that could very well become as popular as their annual wine symposium.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10_32_37 AM

Held at Terminal West, the venue was perfect for the occasion. Working in much the same format as their wine events, each guest was given a sampling glass and small booklet for jotting down notes on individual beers. Booths were laid out in a “beerfest fashion” around the area and the tables were laden with samples of beer, finger foods, and information about each brewery and the beers offered. Throughout the day retailers from Atlanta and the surrounding areas (Marietta had a surprisingly high turnout, and it was great to see that Craft beer isn’t relegated to the metro area) arrived to sample the newest offerings to the market and learn more about each style and the culture in general. The event was held from 1-5 pm and people stayed until the very end, which we feel is a good sign.

All told we made good contacts, met great people, and had a blast doing so. The mingling of Craft and Commerce appeared to be an astounding success, and we very much hope that this becomes an annual event. Look for further “shout outs” to retailers on Monday, and have a great weekend!


We don’t normally touch on political topics here but this one hits very close to home. The TTB, a branch of the treasury department which is responsible for, among other things, collecting taxes and enforcing regulations on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and approving new permits for those trades, is one of the departments which have been furloughed during this time. While they will continue to collect our money (great to know) they will not be processing new applications for any type of brewer’s license (no new breweries) nor will they be approving new COLA’s or recipes from existing breweries (no new beers).


The scene of the crime.

So, if you want to know why there are no new beers this Winter, and possibly Spring, or are wondering why the new brewery in town hasn’t yet opened its doors look no further than Capital Hill. We very seriously hope this issue is resolved quickly for our sake and the sake of thousands of others affected by this crisis. If you have not done so, please contact your representative in Washington and demand that they get back to doing their jobs, which is supposed to be representing your interests not theirs.

These, my friends, are super sacks of grain:

super sack 2


We will receive a shipment of these, along with the last of the brewing supplies needed for start up, very soon. We also have a couple more pieces of equipment coming, and a few more things to button up around the brewery, but we’ll be at a point that we can physically start brewing next week. We cannot begin to describe how exciting this is. The only thing we’ll be waiting on at that time is the mayor’s signature. So, if anyone happens to know Kasim Reed please ask him to take 30 seconds to sign the piece of paper laying on his desk that will allow us to get to work.

Thanks, again, to all the friends, fans, and business partners that have given their support and are still patiently waiting for our launch. We could not have gotten this far without you and we look forward to your continued support as we grow Eventide into the amazing entity we know it can be. We hope to have more good news next week. In the meantime, however, GO BRAVES!



Under Construction!

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No post today as we are feverishly working to bring everything up to code and get our CO from the city. Keep your fingers crossed, friends and fans. If we can get past this point there is a good chance we’ll be able to start brewing in the next couple of weeks!


Here at Eventide we pride ourselves on utilizing the best ingredients in everything we make and taking the time to do things right. As we have been settling in to this location we have noticed that the other establishment in the neighborhood mirror this idea as well. We would like to take the time today to share one of those with you, Intown Healthy Hound.


The owners of Intown Hound, Bridget and James Galloway, bring to the dog world the same ideas that we value in the people world.  They are a very “craft” friendly environment, they offer all types of treats that are made all natural and they even carry their own brand of pet food, Pet Chef Express,  specifically made to be wholesome and filler free. Intown Hound prides itself on offering a local pet store which holds in highest regard the health and welfare of its furry patrons. Whether you are looking for pet food made from real ingredients, a fun place to give your pet a bath, or need to get your favorite companion up to date on his shots, Intown Hound is the place for you. Isn’t your pet worth it?

Badger says that they’d better be…


Our brewer’s dog bellying up to the bar (topical!):

Hopefully we will see you up there one Saturday for “bath” day or on Thursday for their weekly social gathering.


We’ve had 2 volunteer days at Eventide so far and they have both been a HUGE success! From improving the overall aesthetics of the brewery to making tap handles which will be featured in establishments around Atlanta and everything in between every volunteer has contributed greatly to getting Eventide ready for launch. We very much appreciate all of the hard work, and, for the 200 or so volunteers that signed up but couldn’t make it to one of our first two events, do not fear as there will be more to come. Now, here are a couple of pictures from our last volunteer day. Don’t worry if you don’t see your smiling face on here, we’ll get all of our volunteer day photos up before long. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!


We are inspired.

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It all started with a plastic Mr. Beer kit that was purchased as a Christmas present many years ago. From that kit came a collection of empty Grolsch bottles, drinkable beer, and, most importantly, a discussion on beer making. Fast forward a couple of years and everyone on the current roster is back in Atlanta. While Mat didn’t come into the picture until a little later on, Nathan, Haley, and myself had been friends for awhile and we took great advantage of being in the same city.

The next step came shortly after Bell’s made its way into the Atlanta market. While my journey into Craft and Micro-brewed beers started a couple of years earlier, Nathan was only a short way into his. One weekend we picked up a six pack of both Bell’s Two Hearted ale and their Amber ale for a get together and, after popping the cap on a couple of Two Hearted ales, the discussion on beer making progressed to the next level: can we recreate this? So, with that plan in mind, we picked up a couple cans of extract and made an IPA and an American wheat ale. They were good, but not great. After doing our research and comparing what we had made to the flavor profiles we were trying to match, we quickly discovered that the extract was detracting from the overall flavor. The next weekend we went all grain and we never looked back. After that we made beer as often as we could, always improving the process, and eventually came the day that the discussion of “can we do this for a living?” began. Fast forward a couple more years and here we are trying to do all we can with all we have…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s the drive to improve that really signifies our dedication to brewing and all of its inherent components. I want to make better beer. Nathan wants to make better equipment. Mat wants to create new marketing strategies. Haley wants to maximize customer relations. We all want to make anything we touch better, and that is a beautiful thing.


In keeping with this week’s theme, we’re going to tell you about one more Atlanta landmark which is located in close relation to our brewery: Turner Field!

As we all know the Braves are on a tear this year and we could not be more excited. Not only do they currently own the best record in baseball, but they are also leading their division by an astounding 15 games! Even with the unfortunate injury to Jason Heyward, the Atlanta Braves are poised to enter the playoffs as the favorite (no jinx, no jinx!) from the National League.

With the playoff picture shaping up, the Braves heating up, and the weather cooling down our walk of just over a mile to Turner Field is looking to be a venture that will be made numerous times over the next couple of months. Hopefully, when we have the best path to the stadium worked out, and our pregame ideas become a reality, you’ll be able to join in the fun as well. Until then… Go Braves!

Team Eventide

P.S. If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look at what’s going on in Grant Park.