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Eventide is Turning 2!

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Come out and join us next week for our 2nd year anniversary! We have a whole week of fun lined up around town with tap takovers, special cask beers, beer infusions, and merchandise giveaways.

happy new year! (2)


We appreciate all of your support over the last two years and we hope to you can make it out to celebrate with us!


The First Kegging

NathanCowan —  November 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

Earlier this week we kegged our trial run of the Kölsch Style Ale. Remarkably, everything worked out great and, after a few tweaks to the system, we were set up for main production runs after only one test batch.

Damn, it feels good to see final product!

Damn, it feels good to see final product!

We are planning to package the first production run this week and, after successfully completing a production run of our APA yesterday, we are happy to report that we are in full production swing and will be working hard to stockpile product for launch. We can’t wait for you to try them both!

So, how are you in the know with Eventide?

Up and Running

NathanCowan —  November 13, 2013 — 2 Comments

It has been a tiring week so far at Eventide, however, production is rolling along and that is smoothing out all the wrinkles in the process.  We have had to make a few adjustments along the way but on the whole the system is working great. Most of the time has been spent dialing in the specific procedures for each component; like every new toy it takes a few days to get through the learning curve. Hopefully, by the end of the week the brewing process should be old hat.

In order to save on cost, a lot of our equipment did not come “turn-key”. Meaning that there are items that had to be mounted/adjusted so that the pieces play well together. Some items required corrections, some out and out builds, and others modifications for convenience.  For instance, in order to make the mashing process easier an additional port in the top of the mash tun was added so that we could directly connect components to the interior and exterior of the tun for re-circulation or sparging.

2013-11-09 09.22.38

Conversely we totally dismantled our old grain mill and beefed it up with an electric motor, 5 cu. ft. hopper and a shiny new mount. This allows us to grind up to two bags of grain at a time. Since we are moving this material by hand it makes it easier to do so and is much faster than our old grinding method, which is good because this is a totally necessary part of the brewing process.

2013-11-08 20.16.31

On the correction side of things we had to upgrade our safety/pilot lights on the 320,000 BTU/h burners for the brew-house because the old ones were essentially too short and would stop working once the system was hot, which would shut off the burners. Thermalcouples are pretty interesting, they utilize the way electrons transfer between different metals at different temperatures to generate an electrical current. This current can be used for all types of applications from insuring that your gas heater does not go out and flood your house with explosive gas to measuring the temperature of a medium. Some thermal couples can work at temperatures exceeding 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they can also be finicky and we’ve had to spend some time dialing in each one.

All in all it’s been a lot of work but we feel the everyday we are getting  closer to running like a well oiled machine. Look for the fruits of this labor to touch down in Atlanta very soon.



State License Approved!!!

NathanCowan —  November 6, 2013 — 6 Comments

Well, guys, it’s been an adventure but the bureaucratic license train is finally pulling into the station. As of today, Eventide Brewing has secured the final piece of this puzzle: an alcohol permit for the state of GA. With this in hand we can finally, legally make beer and sell it! It’s what we’ve been working towards since about this time last year, so it is sufficient to say that we are extremely excited.


This process from the federal level down to the local level has taken right at one year to complete, and during 8 months of that time we were paying overhead for our location. A running joke during this time has been that all we want to do is make beer and sell it…is that really so much to ask??? And, all kidding aside, that is the bare bones of this thing and there is no good reason that it should be so difficult to do so. Case in point, if we wanted to produce cheese, coffee, fruit punch, or almost anything else then we could essentially do so and sell it with minimal interference. However, because we are producing an alcoholic beverage the process is expanded ten fold. Thankfully, GA now has a guild which is working to bring this great state into the present regarding its alcohol laws. Hopefully, this is accomplished sooner rather than later so the state can benefit economically, the businesses can have some breathing room to thrive, and the people can enjoy more and more wonderful offerings. Here’s to things getting better for all of us.





Happy Halloween!!!

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Spooky salutations from everyone at Eventide! With Halloween only a day away, we wanted to take a minute to remind everyone to enjoy the festivities in moderation. There will be a great deal of candy eaten and libations consumed and, in the midst of all this revelry, it will be easy to overdo things, so take a minute to put a plan together for whatever tomorrow may bring. I mean, nobody wants to end up like this guy…

Don't over do it this year.

Don’t over do it this year.

Happy Halloween!



!!! Announcement !!!

At 5:00 pm on October 22, 2013, Eventide Brewing received approval from the City of Atlanta to manufacture beer!!!

101322 - City Alcohol License - Clean

We cannot properly express how exciting this is! We have tried our best to keep the world updated on our progress over the last six months with the city application without letting our frustration/apprehension dominate the blog posts. The process took considerably longer than expected and, at times, it seemed an almost impossible task to accomplish (we feel your pain Sisyphus). The City of Atlanta is a big place and, unless you are a big fish, it is quite difficult to get the attention you deserve in the big pond. However, with a little help from a friend on the inside, we were able to make our voice heard and obtain the approval we needed to get to work.

The next step is to get final approval from the Georgia State Dept. of Revenue. We have been told that we could expect this within 24 hours, so our final approval could come this week. All of this is exciting on many fronts as it opens doors previously closed to us; the biggest of which is our ability to finally get moving on production. With that in mind, and new permit in hand, we plan to fully commission the brew house this weekend and could start producing beer as early as Sunday. Hang on to your hats, folks, the best part is about to begin.


Lead Up to Launch

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After navigating the long road of appeasing the building department and making all the corrections to our building to bring it into compliance with current codes, we finally have our building CO and are 100% complete with our City of Atlanta Alcohol License Application. The application has been approved by two community boards, two neighborhood planning units, and the Atlanta City Council. The latest progress is that it has been submitted to the Mayor’s office for final approval before our license can be released. We were hopeful that we would have it back last week and it seems that hope will need to stretch a little longer.

Nathan installing our controllers In the meantime, however, we have not been sitting idly by. Last week we ordered the activation of our natural gas feed and ran some system checks on the brew house. With the controllers dialed in on the brew house, it is now ready to start producing beer as soon as we are released. This week we will be getting a couple of stainless steel tables and some miscellaneous equipment odds and ends (sight glasses, CO2 stones, etc). Next week we should see the arrival of the third fermentation tank and a bright tank, which will complete our initial equipment list, and, assuming we have the license by then, we should be fully up and running.

With anticipation,


With the majority of the government hurdles behind us it is time to get back to work doing what it is we originally started out to do: make beer. After all of the struggles so far, it really is starting to look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel…


This past week we have been busy assembling the last of the brew house components and tightening up the system. The whole system has been through a mock brew to test for function and to ensure that it is water tight. We’ve still got a few more tests to run but it is highly likely that we will be commissioning the brewery later this week. If our latest projections hold we could be up and running by the week of October 14th, however we are holding our breath and keeping our fingers crossed until that last piece of government paper is finally released and we have the license in hand. Thankfully, in light of current events, we’ve already received our Federal permit, and it will soon be time to put this bad boy to good use…

brew house

 We’ve been talking about it for a while now, but we really are close at this point. Hopefully, the seemingly oppressive part of this process will be over soon and we will be able to focus on the equally difficult but much more engaging task of growing this company and making great beer.



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In the anticipation of getting through the last of the red tape downtown, and finally being able to fire up this brewing equipment, we went ahead and scheduled the delivery of our kegs. There are 552 1/6 BBL and 120 1/2 BBL kegs in this order which is enough to package up 152 BBL of beer, or just over two times our projected per month production at start.

When purchasing cooperage it is important to consider that most of the time your kegs will not be serving beer. It takes most bars around a week to use up a keg but a keg can take up to 8 weeks to make it back to your docks, and that is just for in town consumption; sending kegs out of town will almost double that time (about 15 weeks on average).  This extended turnaround time is why the amount of kegs we have to own is double the amount per month that we plan to make. The only drawback to having all of these kegs in house is that it further intensifies the want to brew. Come on, City, let’s get this thing finished so we can get beer to the people!

Eventide Progress Update

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If you follow our blog then you have probably heard us say that a good plan has to be both structured and flexible, and, unfortunately, the flexible part has been in high demand as of late.

Our original plan was to be producing beer by the middle of last month then landing additional tanks this month to increase capacity. As you can tell, it is well past the middle of last month and we are still awaiting some final sign-offs of the licensing before we can get rolling. (Our apologies to those who showed up at the Great Atlanta Beer Fest looking for Eventide beer.)

The good news is that the river is starting to thaw and we are moving again in that process. We will also have two new additions to the Eventide family in the form of one more uni-tank and a bright tank in the next two weeks. And, arriving a bit later this month will be 500 1/6 BBL and 150 1/2 BBL kegs. This place is really starting to fill up with shiny equipment.


Commissioning the brew-house should happen in the next few weeks. We are all pumped about finally being able to make beer in a brew-house that is big enough to fit one of us inside! For a few guys who started out with a 5 gallon pot on a stove, staring at this idle equipment for the past couple of months has been pure torture, but, thankfully, that will be coming to an end very soon.