Light gold color, hazy/cloudy from yeast and wheat, medium carbonation, and light, fluffy head.


Lemon zest and bready sweetness


Sweet, full mouthfeel, pleasant carbonation, and crisp finish.

Tasting Notes

Crisp, refreshing ale with slight sweetness and a welcome citrus flavor.

The Inspiration:

The Hefeweizen has been circling the top of beers we want to produce since Eventide began production. This year we’ll make this happen in true Eventide style: by putting our own unique spin on it. Cloudy and sweet with just enough bitterness to balance, the beer is a true German Hefe. However, through the addition of Sorachi Ace hops and real lemongrass we’ve been able to impart a citrus zest and tartness that makes this beer perfect for summer. Prost!