Copper colored to deep amber with high carbonation and thick, white head.


Belgian esters, light and dark fruit, candy sweetness.


Effervescent from high carbonation with a light body. Refreshingly sweet.

Tasting Notes

Candy sweetness, hints of spice and fruit.

Seasonal Style: Winter 2014

This was a seasonal style which is no longer in production. We have saved some kegs of this and will be releasing them over the course of 2015.

The Inspiration:

As all of the residents of Atlanta can attest, this city is ill prepared for snowfall. In preparation for this year’s magnificent, city-wide shut down, we’ve crafted an ale to keep you warm on the long walk home after you’ve abandoned your car on the side of 285. This Dry-Hopped Belgian Dark Strong Ale brings a wealth of flavor to the table. From the initial fruity nose to the sweet, ester driven, and effervescent body to the semi-dry finish this beer is a treat on cold and warm days alike.