piicA Good Brewery is a living, breathing, producing, work of art.

-Eventide Brewing

We operate a 5 bbl brew house. All of the equipment is 304 stainless steel (SS) or better, and the Hot Liquor tank (HLT) and Mash/Lauter tun (MLT) are both insulated to save on energy costs and to allow for more accurate temperature control. We made adjustments to the burners and installed thermocouples to aid in heating times and to make the process for heating as automated as possible. We also ran all of the ventilation (steam and burner exhaust) ourselves with SS tubing; the process for cutting 8″ holes 10′ up a wall was particularly interesting. Recently, we installed hard piping for movement of water and wort all over the brew house which has made the process more efficient and lowered the risk of sanitation issues. All in all we made the brew house better than it was when first delivered, and being able to do so has not only given us a better understanding of the components but also filled us with a great sense of accomplishment.


    Grain Mill

    The grain mill is a very critical part of the brew process. The difference in our grain mill vs. others is that, other than the mill itself, we built it from scratch. The table we found in a 2nd life store, and we cut it out to fit the job needed. We added the motor, which came from Nathan’s Dad’s shop and saved us hundreds of dollars. We then had Ben from Benderworks weld the stainless steel hopper for us. We finally ordered direct drive rollers, so we can make sure we keep a consistent grind. This mill will grind 400 pounds of grain an hour.

Eventide Brewing

The Cooler

The cooler is a 28′ x 14.5′ interior dimensions, which means we can fit up to 40 full pallets of beer. That’s enough space for us to grow and to maintain supply for our core market. The best part of the cooler is that we bought it from our local 2nd hand vendor which saved us thousands of dollars. This, of course, required us to put it together ourselves, but the cost savings far outweighed a few extra days of work. All in all, we love that we were able to recycle this cooler, and give it a second (hopefully happier) life as a beer cooler.

Mash/Lauter Tun mash tub

The mash/lauter tun (MLT) is a normal piece of equipment. It arrived fairly early in the buildout and, like most of our equipment, we made a few modifications. First, was the building of a new sparge arm. This is the unit which helps to circulate the hot water though the grain bed to ensure we extract the maximum amount of  sugar from the grain. We also hard piped the brew system ourselves with stainless steel piping. On an average week we use the MLT 3-6 times, and it always works like a charm


The fermentation tank farm may be our pride and joy. This may be because they just are the biggest and shiniest things in our brewery, or it may be the fact that the three fermenters hold approximately 15,000 12 oz pours.  The uni tanks are nice because they allow for both fermentation and force carbonation. We currently have the far right tank dedicated to our Kolsch, and save the other two for our Stout and Pale Ale. We’ll also be adding seasonal releases in the near future. A big part of our fermentation system was adding glycol chiller and lines. Since each of these thanks is jacketed to help us specifically maintain a temperature, the glycol helps us do just that. When we were deciding which lines to install for the glycol system, we came across Aquatherm, which is based in Germany. We were the first brewery in Georgia to use Aquatherm in a brew house, even though it’s been used in other countries for over 50 years. This was so revolutionary for the U.S. brewing industry that we were featured in an engineering magazine.


Where can you buy it?

At the present time our beer is available in draft form and in cans. You can purchase our products at most craft beer stores throughout Georgia and can find us in many bars, restaurants, and growler stores as well. For a current listing of stores please see our location map.