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As if this past weekend hadn’t been great already, we were notified yesterday evening that Eventide did very well in the Peach State Brew Off (PSBO) competition. We entered three of our beers into the PSBO, an English IPA, a Christmas Ale, and our Dark Hefe. The Christmas ale was brewed about 6 months ago, and, being that it is a very “large” beer (11.5% abv) with a complex flavor profile, it is not yet “finished”. This was known going into the competition, but the feedback was the main point for entering it. We also entered our English IPA (ESB), which had already been put through it’s paces by a tasting panel, and our Dark Hefe, which is a crowd-pleaser among our fans.

Going into any competition, one wants only for his beer to be drinkable and to receive the scoring sheets which are a wealth of information. However, we are pleased and proud to say that, out of the 3 beers we entered, we took home 2 first places finishes for our English IPA and our Dark Hefe. This was a surprise, but it is also a great award for us because the event, while local, draws a great many submissions and neither of these beers had ever been entered into a competition before. And even though neither of these beers are ones we are looking to launch with, it is a great blessing and relief to know that we put the same amount of care, consideration, and pride into everything we make.

We would like to thank all the judges who volunteered their effort and hard work to making the competition possible, as without them it would not be. Also, we would like to give a big thanks the Covert Hops Society for hosting this great event.

If you are into home brewing, these competitions are one of the best ways to get genuine, knowledgeable feedback and criticism of your recipes, which is essential to vetting your ideas. You can check out the American Homebrewing Association for more information on how to get started.

Once again, thanks to everyone who made the PSBO possible. We hope for it’s continued success in the future. And, finally, we would like to thank everyone who is involved with Eventide. Your continued support is greatly appreciated, and is essential to our success. When we win, you win. Cheers!



Last week we introduced you to the Kölsch style ale (KSA) and our intentions to bring this delightful style to you as one of our initial offerings. We also alluded to working on the recipe and making sure that, before one drop is served to the public, it is exactly the beer we want it to be. This ignited a cerebral firestorm which brings us to today’s blog post: The Kölsch Chronicles pt. 1.

During this series we will be documenting the continuing development of our KSA recipe and giving insight into how this process evolves. To start, we used our existing KSA recipe as the foundation for this project, and after successfully brewing the first batch we discovered that, while good, it is not exactly what we have in mind for our perfect KSA. Therefore, we will be breaking down the recipe and rebuilding it over the next few months. Every batch will be thoroughly documented, and we are excited by this undertaking. We hope you will be as well.


Geoffrey W.

The Atlanta Craft beer scene has been hot, so this post is just a few weeks late. We’ve been so busy around here it is a bit crazy. So the brewing has been great, so great we were asked to help out with a neighborhood festival. It doesn’t hurt that we live in the area and know lots of the neighborhood. Either way we were more than happy to help out. The festival was a blast. The main goal was to create an annual event for the neighborhood to come together. This is something we can totally get behind and did in a big way. We brewed three special beers just for the event. Here is a run down and how it went.

First we had on tap our famous Hefeweizen, our Koslch, and our American Pale Ale. From the way the taps were being drained, it seems that everyone was having a great time and really enjoying the beer. There was a horseshoe tournament with 15 teams. The tournament went well and at the end of the day we were glad to help present “Geoffrey and Team” with the trophy. I put that in quotes because he organized the tournament, and it just so happens he won. Funny how that worked out. It’s okay we rocked out to the band and just keep on partying while the trophy was handed out.

We were so glad to be able to help our community come together a bit more. The reality of our beer is that family is behind it. Every Thursday we get together for our “Family” meal and talk shop. We want to support anytime “Family” is the main part of the event, because that is what we stand for.

So we want to thank the 9th street crew for inviting us to help out and say congratulations for a great event, and hope they invite us back next year. We are looking forward to it.