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In the anticipation of getting through the last of the red tape downtown, and finally being able to fire up this brewing equipment, we went ahead and scheduled the delivery of our kegs. There are 552 1/6 BBL and 120 1/2 BBL kegs in this order which is enough to package up 152 BBL of beer, or just over two times our projected per month production at start.

When purchasing cooperage it is important to consider that most of the time your kegs will not be serving beer. It takes most bars around a week to use up a keg but a keg can take up to 8 weeks to make it back to your docks, and that is just for in town consumption; sending kegs out of town will almost double that time (about 15 weeks on average).  This extended turnaround time is why the amount of kegs we have to own is double the amount per month that we plan to make. The only drawback to having all of these kegs in house is that it further intensifies the want to brew. Come on, City, let’s get this thing finished so we can get beer to the people!

I don’t know if I would recommend flying all the way to Seattle, WA and back in 28 hrs, but I can tell you that my trip was worth it. First off that state is absolutely beautiful, and being my first time there I would have very much liked to take it all in. However, the purpose of the trip was business and I had very little time to “get down to it.”

 2013-03-27 19.08.39

The primary purpose of my trip out to Washington was to check out the brewing equipment that we had been reviewing for a while. We had shopped around for months and, after an extensive search, we chose to order from Brew Stuff. The quality and price point appeared to fit with what we were looking for but it is hard to make that kind of investment without putting your hands on the equipment first. So, I went to WA to check it out.

After reviewing everything we had planned to order (and a few things we hadn’t), I am happy to say the equipment checked out and we have put a down payment to get the manufacturing process rolling. This is great news for us. With our equipment ordered, we are one step closer to the brewery build out and, ultimately, getting production into full swing. While it is not the only step necessary in the process of getting us into production in Grant Park, it is a HUGE step in that direction. Now, we will have to wait for the equipment to be built and shipped down, but that time will be necessary for us to build out the location.

Here’s a list of what we have ordered:

5 BBL Direct Fire Brew Kettle (complete with pumps, chillers and all the works) and a CIP/Keg Washing Unit (not pictured)

Eventide Brewery






3 – 15 BBL Fermentation Tanks

Eventide Brewery












1 – 15 BBL Bright Tank

Eventide Brewery









Aren’t they shiny? Again, we have a great deal of work to do in preparation for the arrival of our equipment, but it is a great relief to know that it is coming. This not only means that you will be seeing Eventide beer in bars, stores, and restaurants around Atlanta very soon, it also means that will be starting up brewery tours in the near future. Excited doesn’t begin to encompass how we’re feeling right now and, while we still have a lot of work to do, we are happy to see results of the hard work we’ve done and are very pleased to be sharing in the excitement with you.

Thanks for your support!

Nathan C.

The Countdown Begins

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While this is, by far, not the start of our journey, it does feel as though we have started a new chapter. As we told you on Monday, we have signed a lease and now have an official location.  We also have our funding, all our tax liability bonds, all the official business registration documents, and a host of other boring things.  But all of these boring things had to be secured before we could reach one very not-boring milestone.

We have officially applied for our Federal Brewers Notice!!!

There is still a lot of work to be done. We have to turn this…


2013-01-08 17.27.02

…into a brewery before the application can be approved. After that we have to apply for more federal, state and local licenses such as our COLA’s (Certificate Of Label Authenticity). Then we will be able to bring you our beer. It is pretty awesome.

But don’t be downhearted by all this work.  Yes, there is much to be done but is it all part of the fun of putting something like this together. We also want you to be there with us every step of the way. Give us your thoughts, good or bad, via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest or here on the blog (we read the comments and I promise that the contact form goes somewhere). Oh, and if you are into Instagram hold tight because we will soon be launching a campaign to document every step of the build out.

Hell Yeah!


This past weekend the guys of Eventide embarked on an adventure to Asheville, NC. Much fun was had along the way and, thankfully, much was also accomplished. This week we’ve been touching on things that we picked up on our visit (insert any number of jokes here) and have been discussing them in our blog posts. A great deal can be learned by simply observing your surroundings and asking a few, well placed questions. One thing I observed is that, not surprisingly, there are many, many craft breweries in Asheville. This is to be expected of a placed which has been named “Beer City, USA” 4 years running. Wow, give yourself a hand Asheville. However, if you look a little deeper then you will see a disparity between their many breweries. There are those breweries who know who they are and what they want but then there are also those who seem to have simply followed down a trendy path.

This is a growing trend in the craft beer world. The interest in craft beer is rising in direct proportion to its popularity, which is to be expected, but some breweries and brewpubs on the make are being prepped and planned on a whim. Not only will these new additions have a hard time sustaining the difficult struggles of the brewing industry (or any industry) without the passion and conviction to see the endeavor through to the end, but the lack of that passion and conviction also undermines the foundation of the industry they claim to love. Craft beer was founded on passion for a product and the conviction to see it made despite the obstacle.

So, the bit of knowledge I would like to impart is this: know your market, know your customers, but, most importantly, know yourself.

If craft brewing is your passion then I give you my full blessing to follow your dream; that is exactly what I am doing. However, if the idea of owning a brewery is more appealing than the day in and day out toil of actually running one then you may want to take a minute and figure out if this is what you really want to do. In the future, what will distinguish the truly great breweries from the rest of the pack may very well be the drive and determination to be the very best, and that is very hard to achieve if you have only a passing interest in your undertaking. To quote Jimmy Johnson: “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”, and, while the quote is cheesy, it is also true.

Happy Brewing,

Geoffrey W.

P.S. To show that it wasn’t all work, here’s a shot of Mat and I enjoying the local scene.

2013-02-09 16.51.21

Our blog theme this week is about giving you a more in depth look at Eventide. Monday we expanded on why we are called Eventide, today we will tell you a little more about our team.

Left to right: Nathan, Mat, Haley, & GeoffreyYeah, we are really that blurry in real life.

Left to right: Nathan, Mat, Haley, & Geoffrey
Yeah, we are really that blurry in real life.


Nathan Cowan (CEO) brings the technical experience to the team. With over 10 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and Construction he is the guy we rely on to tell us how to design and build all the things that get dreamed up around here. His primary role on a day to day basis is to plan our business growth and make sure we comply with the mile high stack of regulations.

Nathan’s passion for brewing stems from the high level of engineering and coordination involved in the brewing process as well as his interests in business development. He is uniquely qualified with an understanding of critical project development steps and the challenges of design implementation. Brewing allows for him to expand on all these areas and push past his current achievements.

Mat Sweezey (VP Marketing) is the man with the plan, the plan to get you involved that is. His passion is marketing and anything that allows him to use his creative talents to engage with the community. When we start rolling out those cheesy promo’s you will know who to blame… J/K.

Mat’s love for marketing gives his work a unique edge. He as been named as one of the top 5 marketers in Atlanta by the Technology Association of Georgia, and is currently finishing up his book on advanced marketing theory. As any marketer would, Mat truly loves working with consumer products, and none is sexier right now than beer.

When Mat’s not locked away in his office working on new campaigns, you will find him outside. Either riding his bike around town, hiking in NE Georgia, or hitting the slopes. Mat’s love for the outdoors and his local community also shines through in Eventide’s social engagements, like the Cullen Branch Memorial Grant which he introduced in memory of his late friend.

Haley Cowan (Brand Manager) is our candor and virtue. In addition to being involved in almost every facet of what we do she keeps us (or, god bless her, she tries to keep us) walking the strait and narrow. Not that we are particularly bad, we just have a habit of not really thinking things through sometimes. She is definitely not one to suffer fools, so if you ever meet her don’t let that pretty face and sweet southern demeanor throw you off.

Haley has a drive like no other; before she decided to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy she was a leader in sales. Her passion is not so much for the production process of beer as it is sales and the success of those around her. Although she is a sucker for Belgian ales, she is namely motivated by the dream of a husband and a long time best friend to make more than beer, to build a company that will support many more families and friends in time.

Geoffrey Williams (COO) is the taste and talent behind our products, and is who keeps production moving. He know whose ass to kick (mostly ours) to get product in and out in a timely manner. As a twelve year veteran of logistics and supply chain management he knows all the right lines to keep production and warehousing running, and, also, to get that tired truck driver out of the casino (or other unreputable establishment) and back on the road, not an easy task by any stretch.

Geoffrey began brewing over 2 years ago and what was once a hobby has consumed his life ever since. A perfectionist of his craft (pun intended), each batch of beer is carefully thought out and developed to ensure the highest quality end result. His recipes go through multiple phases before being finalized and approved for general consumption which ensures that only the highest level of product will ever make it to the consumer. As a result, his beers have won multiple awards and he has recently been granted the honor of becoming a certified BJCP judge. His idea of the brewing process is best summarized in a quote he often references by Vince Lombardi which reads, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we catch excellence.” This guides his way of thinking and is the driving force behind his passion to create and sustain something great without all of the complications.




Crowd Funded Breweries

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Undoubtedly, unless you have been under a rock somewhere, you have heard about crowd-funded projects through sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Fundable.

However, what you may not have known is that there are many micro breweries sourcing their seed money through this process as well. If you love craft beer you should check these sites out and see what you can do to try to bring a new brewery to your area or help someone else bring one to his or hers.

In the world of craft beer we are all in it together, and here are a few new start ups that seem promising:

The Brew Gentleman – PA

Brenner Brewing Co. – WI

The Hoppy Dwarf – GA

Horseshoe Bend – MO

The FreshCap 



Update on Eventide

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To All,

We would like to give you a quick update on our progress, however, there is a great deal that we can’t say at this time, so expect future updates.

We are in negotiations for funding. That is a big positive but we can’t say that everything is locked up.

We also have a desired location picked out and are anxious to get moving on the build out. Sorry, we can’t tell you where it is yet (don’t want to jinx it).

Our beer recipes are very nearly finalized as well. The Stout and the APA are pretty much ready for market and the Kölsch is going through its final adjustment. However, we have not yet brewed these recipes on a full size production system yet, so we still need to see how well everything scales up and make any adjustments necessary.

Our pre-launch marketing campaign is well underway (thank you for all of your support). However, we have had a few people say “you don’t have beer, so why are you marketing?” That is a fair question, so let us answer it for you. We believe in embracing the challenge. This is not an easy process, and we want our fans to know the full extent of what we are going through; to have you see our struggles and successes. We believe this will build a much stronger relationship with our community. We want you to know who makes the beer and what it took to get it there so that you can appreciate it as much as we do.

Finally, we can say that our current time frame has us opening in the first quarter of next year (depending on the first item) and that we are right on the cusp of being very, very busy. We intend to bring you all along for the ride by giving you daily updates through all of our social media sites, so like us on Facebook, + us on Google, and follow us on Twitter. We will host parties and put on events as we achieve our project milestones so you will want to stay informed.

We can’t wait to share a beer with you and, again, thank you so much for your continued support.

The Eventide Team

P.S. You can help us by buying a shirt! They are amazingly comfortable and look great!!!


I’ve worked with a few successful startup companies in Atlanta in the past few years and I have noticed a prevailing trend among those companies. They all had great vision, great culture, and great ingenuity. Earlier this week we filled out our application for the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild and while we were figuring out where to get the money to pay for our application a funny realization came to light.

The fee is not a lot, but it is still substantial to a start up company. So when the time came to figure out where to pull the funds from, we looked over the receipts from our T-Shirt sales and realized that we sold the exact amount of t-shirts necessary to cover our membership fee.

I wish we could say that this was always our intention, but it just was really just a happy coincidence. As an amendment to the traits which I previously stated make a company succesful, I would like to add luck to the list. Hard work and a good team are the foundation for any successful business, but almost every company has had an infusion of luck which served as a sign that things were going to work. This may be the first time the fates have smiled upon us, but I hope it is not the last.

Thank you to all of those who bought a T-Shirt on Saturday, and a special thanks to our friend who bought 6 shirts at one time! 



P.S. All of our new shirt designs are available for purchase in our online store. Thanks, as always, for your support!

The Georgia Craft Brewers Guild is an organization of local Craft Brewers. Their mission is to come together for the benefit of the local craft beer industry. We have reached out and are awaiting acceptance to this exclusive organization of local craft brewers.

So, we’ll let you know as soon as we are accepted, but you can support any of the brewers in the alliance by buying local craft beer. Which we already know you do. So thanks!


One of our goals here at Eventide is to support our community and improve the lives of those in it. To that end we created the Cullen Branch Memorial Grant to honor the memory of a dear friend and to support those in need. The grant is available to support local arts, outdoors, or education. We are proud to announce this month’s recipient, Camp Caglewood.

Camp Caglewood was founded more than ten years ago by former camp Glisson workers who have a passion for helping others. Caglewood’s main outreach is helping the developmentally disabled learn life skills through outdoor programs.Their programs include outdoor day trips, camping, and common fellowship with others who share their interest and those who care for them.

We are pleased to award the camp with the Cullen Grant and are confident it will go towards improving the lives of those who participate in Camp Caglewood’s programs.

If you would like to support them or learn more about CagleWood please visit their site at

Here is a picture of our late friend, Cullen, with Caglewood campers. `