!!! Announcement !!!

At 5:00 pm on October 22, 2013, Eventide Brewing received approval from the City of Atlanta to manufacture beer!!!

101322 - City Alcohol License - Clean

We cannot properly express how exciting this is! We have tried our best to keep the world updated on our progress over the last six months with the city application without letting our frustration/apprehension dominate the blog posts. The process took considerably longer than expected and, at times, it seemed an almost impossible task to accomplish (we feel your pain Sisyphus). The City of Atlanta is a big place and, unless you are a big fish, it is quite difficult to get the attention you deserve in the big pond. However, with a little help from a friend on the inside, we were able to make our voice heard and obtain the approval we needed to get to work.

The next step is to get final approval from the Georgia State Dept. of Revenue. We have been told that we could expect this within 24 hours, so our final approval could come this week. All of this is exciting on many fronts as it opens doors previously closed to us; the biggest of which is our ability to finally get moving on production. With that in mind, and new permit in hand, we plan to fully commission the brew house this weekend and could start producing beer as early as Sunday. Hang on to your hats, folks, the best part is about to begin.


  • Will Dean

    Congratulations! A quick question though. Is the expiration date on that license accurate? Does it automatically renew on 1/1/14? Good luck and get to work. I’m thirsty!

    • NathanCowan

      Good eye. City of Atlanta alcohol licenses are good for the calendar year that they are issued. The fee associated with the license is only pro-rated to half year increments. So, if you happen to get the final signature on your license on December 31 you owe the fee for the previous six months and it expires the following day… this does happen. When we picked up the license yesterday we had to file to request the license renewal paperwork as well. In short, it does not auto renew.