Nathan installing our controllers The brewing business is a fun, but challenging venture. It would be an understatement to call it difficult. There are persistent roadblocks along the path to starting any successful business and brewing adds a few extras in for good measure. For example, there are many little parts that are required to make the big parts work, and these small, but necessary pieces, have a tendency to come undone at the most inopportune moment. Many breweries contract engineers to draw up their brewery, set up their brew system, and fix problems when they arise. Here, at Eventide, we are proud to say that Nathan, our CEO, is now a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.).

With the passing of the P.E. exam, Nathan becomes the fourth generation member of his family, in a row, to carry this honor. This is one of the things which makes us unique. Having Nathan on staff means we can be faster when issues arise, build better processes, and improve just about anything. His talents have already been put to work on building or refining our water filter, brewery, grain mill, and more.

A great example of the benefits of having him as a member of our team came with the selection of our glycol system. For those of you who may not know, beer needs to ferment at a controlled temperature. There are many ways to maintain this temperature but, in our hot climate, glycol systems are the preferred choice. The next step of the process is to figure out is how to run the glycol system. The piping is one of the most important parts of the system and the pipes used are required to provide a specific set of properties to deal with the heating, cooling, and constant flow of the system. Some breweries choose Pex piping to run their lines. Nathan found the life of Pex, in this application, is very short due to it becoming brittle at cold temperatures. Therefore, it was crossed off the list and we were back to square 1 until Nathan discovered Aquatherm. With the help of Nathan’s dad, Tom, and Jeff Long, the Aquatherm on site tech, we fully constructed the piping system. Even though it has been used in Germany for decades, we were the first brewery in Georgia to use this material. We’re proud to be the first, and Aquatherm even wrote a case study on our brewery!

The sourcing and build out of the cooling system is just one of the amazing things Nathan has done for us. He’s a work horse, and in this short video you can see him doing a cool forklift trick.

To brag on Nathan a bit more, he’s not just our engineer but is also the guy driving the ship, and he does a good job of it by keeping things moving in a straight line and crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s”. With all of that said, we are very proud of Nathan and his new P.E license. Join us in congratulating Nathan on his accomplishment!


  • Rebecca

    Way to go Nathan!!!

  • Carol