It was about a year ago today when I came across the most amazing art I have ever seen in a city. I was driving around downtown Atlanta and came across this giant wall art. You have to understand when I say “Giant”, I really do mean it was huge. It was a giant crocodile with its mouth open and it took up 2 stories and the full width of a building. From that point forward I was intrigued to find out who made this art, and when we were researching people to give the Cullen Branch Grant to we came across the non profit group Living Walls. It turns out my search had ended and they were the responsible party. At that moment I knew we had found the perfect people to receive the grant.

Cullen was a huge Art lover, and he would have loved to see this piece. It is masculine in nature, with very whimsical themes, combined with precision execution not found on pieces 1/3o of its size. The way it fits into and becomes a part of the building is amazing. It is a great use of the space and would surely have been one of Cullen’s favorite pieces as well.

Living walls is all about making our city beautiful by putting art where it gives everyone the chance to experience it. Art should be free for all, and they take that concept to a new level with their large murals from various artists around town. Please make sure to check out where you can find one of their murals around you.

We are very proud to support Living Walls, and hope we might inspire you to do the same.