Homestead Atlanta + Eventide Brewing

When we met Kimmy and magic happened

We at Eventide Brewing are of the mindset that if we want something we make it ourselves, and if we can’t make it we learn how. If you walk through our tasting room or production facility you’ll see handcrafted pieces all over. Take a look at our tables, the bar top, or even the grain mill.  In an endeavor to meet like minded individuals we began the Curiosity Club. A few months into the clubs existence we met Kimmy Coburn of  The Homestead Atlanta . Shortly after we combined forces.  Atlanta, we bring to you a place to grow your mind and dive into that which is sustainable, traditional, artisanal, and amazing.  We ask, “Are You Curious.”

Curiosity Club meets once a month, typically on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The club meetings are typically in a lecture fashion with a good bit of a hands on experience added to it. Participation is only $10. 100% of which goes directly to The Homestead Atlanta. If you’re interested in adding libations to your lesson we have tours ( that’s how you get beer at breweries in GA) available for sale as well, fear not!

 Click here to make your $10 donation in advance!

Check out our calendar for what we’re doing at upcoming club meetings!