If you follow our blog then you have probably heard us say that a good plan has to be both structured and flexible, and, unfortunately, the flexible part has been in high demand as of late.

Our original plan was to be producing beer by the middle of last month then landing additional tanks this month to increase capacity. As you can tell, it is well past the middle of last month and we are still awaiting some final sign-offs of the licensing before we can get rolling. (Our apologies to those who showed up at the Great Atlanta Beer Fest looking for Eventide beer.)

The good news is that the river is starting to thaw and we are moving again in that process. We will also have two new additions to the Eventide family in the form of one more uni-tank and a bright tank in the next two weeks. And, arriving a bit later this month will be 500 1/6 BBL and 150 1/2 BBL kegs. This place is really starting to fill up with shiny equipment.


Commissioning the brew-house should happen in the next few weeks. We are all pumped about finally being able to make beer in a brew-house that is big enough to fit one of us inside! For a few guys who started out with a 5 gallon pot on a stove, staring at this idle equipment for the past couple of months has been pure torture, but, thankfully, that will be coming to an end very soon.