final---rhh---2.5x2.5Ah, fall is in the air, and with it comes cooler days, changing leaves, football, and fall beers. Due to the popularity of the Red Headed Haley last year, we’ve decided to bring her back again. If you were wondering where the name came from, it is named for our Brand Manager, Haley Cowan.

It’s a lighter offering for the Fall season. As much as we want to think about pumpkins and cold weather, we live in Atlanta where it’s 70+ degrees until November. Because of this we wanted to produce an ale which will still pair well with campfire nights and cooler days, but isn’t too heavy or spicy for the warmer weather we’ll most likely experience.

The inspiration behind this ale is Haley who is a co-founder of Eventide and a natural redhead. The red ale was the first craft beer style Haley really latched onto. We originally brewed it years ago because we thought it would be fun to make a Red Ale that specifically catered to her palate. The “Red Headed Haley” was the result and it has since become a go to style for us because of everything it offers. Malty and delicious, this Red Ale is perfect for a Georgia Fall.

We’ll be releasing the kegs into the market this week, and we’ll have a map as soon as it is out. Also, we’d like to give a special thanks to Thomas Lockwood who helped design the sticker for us.

What to expect:

SRM: 10
ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 25
Nose: Caramel sweetness on the nose with hints of pecan and toffee.
Flavor: Flavors of caramel, nut, and toasted bread are highly present. Finishes slightly spicy and sweet with a hint of raisin.
Food Pairing: Nuts and creamy cheeses. Most roasted dishes. Cheesecake or fall pies (pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, etc,).