We’ve launched 3 styles in the first half of this year, and they are all doing very well. However, it is both expected and encouraged to for a brewery to release new styles often. Our fans have also been asking for this and, being that we really like making beer, we’re happy to oblige. We’ve just finished kegging our first one off style which is a Golden IPA Single Hopped with Eldorado. We’ll be dropping it off at the distributor on Friday, so you should see it the market in about 7-10 days.

Inspiration: The inspiration behind this beer was the feel of late summer, and the cool summer we’ve had. We wanted a beer which would encapsulate all of these things and let Geoffrey experiment with a single hop variety. In this beer you’re going to find a lighter IPA with sweet fruit flavors and a pleasant bitterness, something perfect for the end of summer. It falls with in our lines of approachable beer styles, but provides an entirely new experience for our fans. The single hop styling allows you to really see just what Eldorado hops are all about. You’ll notice a heavy tropical fruit nose, mild body, and easy finish. It is an unfiltered IPA and due to the east coast ale yeast we used, it will remain cloudy when poured.

The Name: We came up with the name not only because it’s the name of the hop, but there was a 72′ Cadillac ¬†Eldorado dropped off at Benderworks (a custom bike/car shop who¬†we share space with) on the same day which we brewed our test batch. We figured that was a sign, so we had to call it “Eldorado”. Check out the video to see some of the inspiration.