final-highlander---2.5x2.5---tap-sticker-Releasing this week is our fall specialty beer. It’s a Strong Scotch Ale, or Wee Heavy, named “Highlander”. Here’s a bit of information on it to get you ready for the second coming.

The back story: This beer came about as a result of many other brews. After homebrewing for any considerable amount of time one is sure to have an abundance, in small amounts, of grain and hops. What we do with these ingredients can make for both an interesting challenge and great (or not so great, depending) beer. Thankfully, this beer turned out better than imagined and has been a go to fresh and cellarable beer for some time. 7 malts are used to create this wonderfully complex Strong Scotch Ale. Notes of caramel, toasted bread, honey, dark fruits, chocolate, and roasted coffee are all prevalent. Allow it to warm to cellar temperature to experience the full flavor profile. The sweetness is balanced by a hefty but not overwhelming bitterness. This beer is the perfect complement to the coming, cool Fall weather, and ages gracefully into Winter.




The Numbers: 

SRM: 20

IBU: 40

ABV: 8.2%

Where to find it: It’s a specialty so it will have a limited run, and it will be available in the Atlanta metro and surrounding area starting the first of October. We’ll also have limited side by side tastings of this year’s run and the 2014 batch available in the tasting room, so be on the lookout for that.

  • CatHammer

    A very late comment, but this is excellent stuff! Congrats on your progress; I need to get back down and visit.