Many exciting things continue to come down the pike here at Eventide and, today, we would like to touch on a few of them.

First, we will be brewing our 100th batch of beer today! It may seem like a small victory to most but knowing that our beer is well enough received to have fired up the burners 100 times is a great relief and welcome win for us. When we officially kicked off in January of this year no one in our group knew what exactly would come next, and in many ways every day presents something new, but we are surely focused on making the best possible product for people to enjoy. We’re also looking forward to getting out into the market more, so don’t be surprised if we turn up at your favorite spot soon.




Sweet pin.

Second, our brewmaster, Geoffrey, is now a recognized BJCP judge. This certification is another step taken for him in his quest to be as knowledgeable about his craft as possible. Congratulations on your achievement!

Finally, as you may have seen on our social media sites this week, our brand manager, Haley, graduated from Mercer’s Pharmacy program. This has been a goal of hers for many years and we were all extremely happy to see her realize this. Congratulations to you as well!

Check out our interactive map to find which location near you is serving Eventide beer, and check our calendar for a list of upcoming events. Also, to anyone heading to the Shaky Knees festival this weekend, have fun and we may see you there!


Eventide Team