In the anticipation of getting through the last of the red tape downtown, and finally being able to fire up this brewing equipment, we went ahead and scheduled the delivery of our kegs. There are 552 1/6 BBL and 120 1/2 BBL kegs in this order which is enough to package up 152 BBL of beer, or just over two times our projected per month production at start.

When purchasing cooperage it is important to consider that most of the time your kegs will not be serving beer. It takes most bars around a week to use up a keg but a keg can take up to 8 weeks to make it back to your docks, and that is just for in town consumption; sending kegs out of town will almost double that time (about 15 weeks on average).  This extended turnaround time is why the amount of kegs we have to own is double the amount per month that we plan to make. The only drawback to having all of these kegs in house is that it further intensifies the want to brew. Come on, City, let’s get this thing finished so we can get beer to the people!