Last week we introduced you to the Kölsch style ale (KSA) and our intentions to bring this delightful style to you as one of our initial offerings. We also alluded to working on the recipe and making sure that, before one drop is served to the public, it is exactly the beer we want it to be. This ignited a cerebral firestorm which brings us to today’s blog post: The Kölsch Chronicles pt. 1.

During this series we will be documenting the continuing development of our KSA recipe and giving insight into how this process evolves. To start, we used our existing KSA recipe as the foundation for this project, and after successfully brewing the first batch we discovered that, while good, it is not exactly what we have in mind for our perfect KSA. Therefore, we will be breaking down the recipe and rebuilding it over the next few months. Every batch will be thoroughly documented, and we are excited by this undertaking. We hope you will be as well.


Geoffrey W.

  • Don’t start with a small amount. The dnceet recipes are all for 5-gallon batches. Start with an all-extract ale; that’s the least complicated. My first was an English Brown Ale that turned out so well that I make more every few years, even though I make mostly more complicated beers now.