After navigating the long road of appeasing the building department and making all the corrections to our building to bring it into compliance with current codes, we finally have our building CO and are 100% complete with our City of Atlanta Alcohol License Application. The application has been approved by two community boards, two neighborhood planning units, and the Atlanta City Council. The latest progress is that it has been submitted to the Mayor’s office for final approval before our license can be released. We were hopeful that we would have it back last week and it seems that hope will need to stretch a little longer.

Nathan installing our controllers In the meantime, however, we have not been sitting idly by. Last week we ordered the activation of our natural gas feed and ran some system checks on the brew house. With the controllers dialed in on the brew house, it is now ready to start producing beer as soon as we are released. This week we will be getting a couple of stainless steel tables and some miscellaneous equipment odds and ends (sight glasses, CO2 stones, etc). Next week we should see the arrival of the third fermentation tank and a bright tank, which will complete our initial equipment list, and, assuming we have the license by then, we should be fully up and running.

With anticipation,