We’ve all done it. Walked through our local package or grocery store wanting to pick up some type of delicious brew but not being able  to decide exactly what you are in the mood for. Sometimes it’s as simple as a mixture of hoppy and malty. Sometimes it’s wanting a particular style (Belgian/German/American/etc) or profile (IPA, Stout, Wheat, Amber/Red/etc) but many different offerings. Enter the beer mix pack.

While this may not qualify to all as one of the greatest ideas of the last 10 years, I firmly believe it to be one of the major factors in furthering craft beer into the American marketplace. It is the perfect way to let people, especially those just discovering craft beer. to try out everything the style has to offer. From a light beer start (all light lagers, fruit beers, and wheat beers) to a graduate pack consisting of flavorful Belgians, rich, chocolate/coffee imperial stouts, and well balanced sweet and sour lambics the craft mix pack of beer never fails to satisfy.

So, take a page from the Bachelor Guy’s book and build up your favorite 12 pack. Then go a step further and share with a friend or group. Now enjoy the delicious brew, revel with those who are like minded, and take solace in the fact that each of them now owe you a spectacular craft beer.


Geoffrey W.

Choose wisely…