Please welcome our newest beer to the Eventide seasonal line up: Citrus Grove Hefeweizen! This special summer seasonal will be released into the market starting June 1st as part of T.Mac’s beer of the month promotion. It is being featured along with three other local GA breweries which will offer a truly unique “locals only” spin and friendly competition between the breweries.

We crafted the Citrus Grove to especially highlight flavors of summer. We used the Sorachi Ace hop to bring in a very citrus¬†forward hop profile, and dry hopped the final beer with real lemon grass. This gives the beer a very special lemon essence and tartness you will not find in other Hefeweizens. It’s a true one of a kind, and, in true Eventide fashion, it is very approachable. The lemon is noticeable yet not overpowering, and this beer is a true pleasure to drink.

This beer also has a new release of special glassware. Being that this is also a “pint night” we worked to create the perfect glass for this Bavarian specialty. It’s a pint sized glass shaped to bring the effervescent citrus notes to your nose, and allow you to enjoy the cloudy nature of this easy drinking classic. The glassware is limited, and the beer is only for the summer season. Once they are gone, they are gone for good, so grab one while you can!