We made over 2,000 kegs of beer in 2014, and had only one full time employee! That being the case we don’t have a lot of time to devote to endeavors outside of daily operations. Things like entering beer competition, for example. We haven’t had time to enter a single beer competition this past year, ¬†and you can’t win if you don’t enter. However, we have received something of an award from the guys at Paste Magazine, which makes us very happy.

Paste Magazine

In Paste magazine’s latest “Craft Beer Guide” we are listed as one of just 3 stand out beers to try in Atlanta. We couldn’t be more thrilled to receive this honor, and we’re hoping it’s the first of many more to come. We love the Dry Irish Nitro Stout, and can’t wait for more people to try it. The issue with that has been it’s limited availability due to the fact it is dispensed on a Nitro faucet. You can find it at a few Atlanta mainstays, and will always find it in our tasting room. It’s one of our favorites, and, if you’re lucky enough to find a place pouring black and tans, we suggest trying it with our Pale Ale.

We would like say thank you to all of GA for your support. We’re so happy to be a local brewery, and glad to represent Atlanta as one of the three beers you must try.