This time last year Atlanta was covered in snow and the Snowpocalypse term was cemented into our popular culture. To mark the anniversary and make note of the fact that Winter in Atlanta is very fickle and fleeting we will be releasing a one batch offering of Snowpocalypse Belgian Dark Ale next week.



His friends don’t think he’s abominable.

Weighing in at 9% ABV this Belgian Dark Ale will definitely keep you warm until the cold winter nights start heating up again. The rich flavor of Special B malt combined with a healthy malt bill makes sure your palate is satisfied, and a touch of dry hopping helps accentuate the prominent fruit esters. We’ve been waiting patiently for this beer to attenuate to its correct FG and, now that it has, we’re really excited for this to finally hit the ground and, hopefully, stick (see what we did there?). Grab it while you can because, like Winter here, it won’t last long.