Well, guys, it’s been an adventure but the bureaucratic license train is finally pulling into the station. As of today, Eventide Brewing has secured the final piece of this puzzle: an alcohol permit for the state of GA. With this in hand we can finally, legally make beer and sell it! It’s what we’ve been working towards since about this time last year, so it is sufficient to say that we are extremely excited.


This process from the federal level down to the local level has taken right at one year to complete, and during 8 months of that time we were paying overhead for our location. A running joke during this time has been that all we want to do is make beer and sell it…is that really so much to ask??? And, all kidding aside, that is the bare bones of this thing and there is no good reason that it should be so difficult to do so. Case in point, if we wanted to produce cheese, coffee, fruit punch, or almost anything else then we could essentially do so and sell it with minimal interference. However, because we are producing an alcoholic beverage the process is expanded ten fold. Thankfully, GA now has a guild which is working to bring this great state into the present regarding its alcohol laws. Hopefully, this is accomplished sooner rather than later so the state can benefit economically, the businesses can have some breathing room to thrive, and the people can enjoy more and more wonderful offerings. Here’s to things getting better for all of us.





  • Will Dean

    That is great news! With regard to the “guild” working on regulatory reform, you should touch base with the group “Free the Hops” over in AL (Birmingham, I think). They were the driving force behind beverage reform in AL, and even have a lobbyist on retainer to promote their interests in Montgomery. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing some product soon! WRD

    • WIll,

      Thanks! We’ll make sure to touch base with them. Yeah AL had a hard time, but every industry does who deals with regulations.

  • Jordan Cahill


    • Now you need to ride the bike down and come hang and lend a hand. Just saying, you know how to get here!

  • Brian Lee


    Taps & kegs beat rules and regs…

    Congrats! Your work inspires (and quenches) us!


    • Thanks so much for all your support!