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Two words: take it. But please, in the name of all things good and just, study well before doing so.

Becoming a BJCP judge has been a goal of mine for the past year, and I will gladly say that I am one step closer to realizing that goal. The new exam structure (assuming, of course, you know about the old structure, otherwise it’s just “the structure”) requires that an online entrance exam  be taken and passed before moving on to the Beer Judging Exam. This allows for more exams to take place throughout the year and alleviates some of the strain on the current system.

The wealth of knowledge to be gained through this process and subsequent affiliation is immense. Anyone serious about beer and/or brewing should, at the very least, look into all of the benefits which can be obtained by making full use of the BJCP (any questions about the exam and related material can be found on this site) and the AHA. Also, please feel free to ask me any questions about this and I will do my best to answer them.


Geoffrey W.

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