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By now, you know our philosophy, you know how our name came about, and you even know who we are, but, do you know why we chose to brew the beers we are going to market with?

Since we are a brewery, it is important for you to know why we brew the beers we do and why they are different from other beers you might come across. To help answer these questions let’s start with the core idea of how we decide on what beers to produce. For us it is as simple as this: we will never offer you a beer that we wouldn’t want to drink ourselves. This goes for styles and tastes. This line of thinking was forged after crafting our very first batch of homebrew many years ago. We made an extract brew (like most everyone does the first time out) and were disappointed with the taste of finished result. That experience showed us that no shortcuts could be taken to make the beer we wanted, and it also showed us the importance of understanding every part, small or large, of the brewing process. After coming to these realizations, and acting on them, we began to refine our passion for brewing. As we refined our passion we found that we love all beers, but not all equally, so we planned to start our production with the three styles that we feel best represent the beers we would like to have available most often. Those styles are the APA, Kölsch, and Stout.


Any craft brewer worth his salt offers some variation of the pale ale, so it is a good thing we like this style. Ours is a true American Pale Ale in every sense of the name, but it also boasts a few characteristics which set it apart from the common rabble. Big hop flavor and aroma are the first noticeable aspects of the beer, but the well-balanced malt profile is what really fills out the body. The finish is slightly fruity with a lingering bitterness which is sure to please any palate. We love it, and think you will as well.

What makes this beer important to us: As previously stated, we make the beers we want to drink, and this beer is no exception. It is a highly drinkable, nicely hopped ale that is good for any occasion. Our brewmaster wanted to craft an “everyday” APA that would appeal to hop heads and those newly converted to craft beer alike. We think he nailed it, but try it for yourself and let us know what you think.


Kölsch Style Ale

For those who are not familiar with the Kölsch style ale, it is only legally allowed to be produced in Cologne, Germany. That is why, when you do see it, it is presented as “Kölsch Style” instead of just “Kölsch”. We understand Cologne, it is a truly good style of beer with all the light flavors that you would expect in a pilsner but it takes only half the time to make. We are troubled by the fact that because the name is regulated most of the rest of the world has little knowledge style. However, we are here to change that.

What makes this beer important to us: We took the traditional “Kölsch Style” and worked it up a bit with adjunct grains and hops we felt best complemented each other. This style is perfect on those hot summer days, but it is also refreshing enough to be enjoyed anytime. So good in fact that it may coin the phrase “Eventide Style Kölsch”, and don’t worry Cologne, we’ll let you call it that too.


Dry Irish Stout

Our rendition of the Dry Irish Stout follows with the traditional light body with dark flavors, however, we incorporated a little more ABV into the style and moved the dark flavors up to balance it out. The recipe has just a hint of Coffee and a bit stronger finish with the same drinkability that has made this style a favorite among beer drinkers for generations. Our target for this modified Dry Irish style is for the typical stout drinkers that want something with a little more taste and body. It’s slightly bigger all around so, in house, we like to call it the Dry American Stout.

 What makes this beer important to us: We are big Stout fans. One of our founders is known to drink his stout at room temperature, and all year long. Also, we love the stout because we feel that it is the most misunderstood beer style. Everyone we speak to is floored when we tell them “This beer has the fewest calories, and lowest alcohol of any of our beers”. So for us we are trying to help educate people on the world of beer with our stout, and produce a stout which fills that gap for a “Stout that makes you come back”.


We feel that each style we plan to begin production with is good enough to stand on its on but is not so extreme to turn off any individual group. There are many more recipes in our arsenal, and you will see these released as our seasonal and specialty offerings. Whether you are looking for a beer to relax with on a hot summer’s day or would prefer something to spice up a cold night, we have the beer for you. Each recipe has been devised with painstaking care and utilizes only the best ingredients available. No shortcuts are taken with any of our products because that is what our passion demands. We stand by our claim that “Great Doesn’t Have to be Complicated”, but it still has to be great.



***By the way, all of these profiles are available under the “Beers” section of our website. Make sure to check back often as we plan to add new beer profiles periodically.