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I would like to use this opportunity to reference a quote from two of my favorite movies. The line is from both Inglorious Bastards and Zombieland, and states that “Business is Good.” The line is used as a tongue in check punchline to adult oriented jokes, but it is the perfect answer when someone asks me “How’s the beer business?”

So how is the beer industry? Business is Good!

Here are a few things which show why we are making this statement. First off there is a reporting agency which keeps track of all alcohol sales and reports on different industry stats, and their reports are used by us to figure out how the gross market is doing and let’s us track if we are keeping pace with everyone or doing better or worse. They are a benchmarking tool which is very helpful to us. They also tell us a lot more about market trends and how things are changing. This report just came out and between the beginning of the year and July 8th 2012 craft beer is already up 13%. This is a huge deal with the largest brewers Sam Adams, New Belgium, and Sierra Nevada all seeing double digit growth.
So we are selling more, which is good, but how well compared to others? Also does that trend pertain to Atlanta? I took a close look at the report and was able to deduce that if we look at Atlanta as a whole. We are seeing more craft beer being sold than Miller Lite currently. Craft beer is now being chose more frequently than one of America’s largest brands!

So when you are kicking back later on and enjoying a savory craft beer, know that these great days are only going to get better.