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What’s in a name? That which we call Craft Beer by any other name would taste as great… But what about the bad beer that is still called “craft”? Come on, we know you have had some too.

The implication is that craft beer is hand crafted in smaller batches. Up until Samuel Adams recently pushed past the limit, a craft brewery was defined by the Brewers Association as any brewery that produced less than 2 million BBL per year. Now, that number is 6 million. This stages a question: What exactly is craft beer?

At Eventide we think about Craft Beer as being beer brewed with quality ingredients by a person (or company) who cares about the product over the profit. Don’t misunderstand that last statement, profit is not a bad thing, it is the incentive for taking the risk; however, compromising the integrity of your product and the trust of your consumer to make just a bit more of it is bad. Maybe this is why you see so many “craft” breweries that are so deeply involved with their local community. Or, why so many “craft” beer consumers have intensity in their local brewery scene that rivals that of sports teams and rock bands. I have personally seen people lose control due to their excitement about Craft Beer.


So, should we call it “craft” even when it is not “handcrafted” or is there a better name? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.