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While this may not be the first reason for opening a brewery from an enthusiast’s perspective, the simple law of supply and demand is a big reason that we feel confident in what we are trying to accomplish in the Atlanta, GA area.  The graphical representation of Craft Breweries Per Capita (US), 2012 indicates that there is lack of supply for our region of the country. Atlanta, GA is almost in the dead center of the lowest area of beer production per person in the entire united states; even Alaska is banging out more  brew per drinker than Georgia!

So we are weak in the area of supply but how to we rank against the rest of the country in demand? Well, if you do a bit of research you will find that this number varies greatly source-to-source and year-to-year, however, one major determining factor for quantifying demand is the continuous beer drinking on average for the United States. This generally hovers around 21 gal/person/year and our region is usually very close to that number.

So, if the southeast is average when it comes to beer consumption per capita with the rest of the US and super low when it comes to production per capita, it is a safe assumption that this region is poised for growth in the Craft Beer Market. Some suave analyst may even conclude that our average beer consumption in the southeast could be attributed to the lack of locally produced beer and that it would go up if more beer was produced in our region. Unsure? Well, there’s only one way to find out.