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I’m not the biggest craftsman of this group. I didn’t grow up with quite the formal/informal education that everyone else was given. However, I do craft…just differently.

My craft comes in the form of more subtle incarnations. A change in a post. A variation in brewing practices. An idea that completes a larger unfinished one. A well made recipe. Think of me like BASF: I don’t make the things you love, I make the things you love better. Well, except for the beer, I make that. An industrious nature was not instilled in me from an early age, and, while I don’t regret a childhood filled with sports and academics, it would have been nice to have taken away a few more trade skills.

Thankfully, as an adult, I have a choice in what I learn and am now free to pursue any endeavor I see fit. Which is both fortunate and not because of the greatly decreased amount of time I have to indulge in recreationally productive activities. Thankfully, brewing is the one craft that I can indulge in without restraint. This is a good thing both for Eventide and for everyone who will have the pleasure of drinking the beer we make. I am absolutely ecstatic to see what the future holds and to finally become the craftsman I’ve wanted to be.

My name is Geoffrey Williams and I craft beer. What’s your craft?

Geoffrey W.

This past weekend the guys of Eventide embarked on an adventure to Asheville, NC. Much fun was had along the way and, thankfully, much was also accomplished. This week we’ve been touching on things that we picked up on our visit (insert any number of jokes here) and have been discussing them in our blog posts. A great deal can be learned by simply observing your surroundings and asking a few, well placed questions. One thing I observed is that, not surprisingly, there are many, many craft breweries in Asheville. This is to be expected of a placed which has been named “Beer City, USA” 4 years running. Wow, give yourself a hand Asheville. However, if you look a little deeper then you will see a disparity between their many breweries. There are those breweries who know who they are and what they want but then there are also those who seem to have simply followed down a trendy path.

This is a growing trend in the craft beer world. The interest in craft beer is rising in direct proportion to its popularity, which is to be expected, but some breweries and brewpubs on the make are being prepped and planned on a whim. Not only will these new additions have a hard time sustaining the difficult struggles of the brewing industry (or any industry) without the passion and conviction to see the endeavor through to the end, but the lack of that passion and conviction also undermines the foundation of the industry they claim to love. Craft beer was founded on passion for a product and the conviction to see it made despite the obstacle.

So, the bit of knowledge I would like to impart is this: know your market, know your customers, but, most importantly, know yourself.

If craft brewing is your passion then I give you my full blessing to follow your dream; that is exactly what I am doing. However, if the idea of owning a brewery is more appealing than the day in and day out toil of actually running one then you may want to take a minute and figure out if this is what you really want to do. In the future, what will distinguish the truly great breweries from the rest of the pack may very well be the drive and determination to be the very best, and that is very hard to achieve if you have only a passing interest in your undertaking. To quote Jimmy Johnson: “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”, and, while the quote is cheesy, it is also true.

Happy Brewing,

Geoffrey W.

P.S. To show that it wasn’t all work, here’s a shot of Mat and I enjoying the local scene.

2013-02-09 16.51.21

By now, you know our philosophy, you know how our name came about, and you even know who we are, but, do you know why we chose to brew the beers we are going to market with?

Since we are a brewery, it is important for you to know why we brew the beers we do and why they are different from other beers you might come across. To help answer these questions let’s start with the core idea of how we decide on what beers to produce. For us it is as simple as this: we will never offer you a beer that we wouldn’t want to drink ourselves. This goes for styles and tastes. This line of thinking was forged after crafting our very first batch of homebrew many years ago. We made an extract brew (like most everyone does the first time out) and were disappointed with the taste of finished result. That experience showed us that no shortcuts could be taken to make the beer we wanted, and it also showed us the importance of understanding every part, small or large, of the brewing process. After coming to these realizations, and acting on them, we began to refine our passion for brewing. As we refined our passion we found that we love all beers, but not all equally, so we planned to start our production with the three styles that we feel best represent the beers we would like to have available most often. Those styles are the APA, Kölsch, and Stout.


Any craft brewer worth his salt offers some variation of the pale ale, so it is a good thing we like this style. Ours is a true American Pale Ale in every sense of the name, but it also boasts a few characteristics which set it apart from the common rabble. Big hop flavor and aroma are the first noticeable aspects of the beer, but the well-balanced malt profile is what really fills out the body. The finish is slightly fruity with a lingering bitterness which is sure to please any palate. We love it, and think you will as well.

What makes this beer important to us: As previously stated, we make the beers we want to drink, and this beer is no exception. It is a highly drinkable, nicely hopped ale that is good for any occasion. Our brewmaster wanted to craft an “everyday” APA that would appeal to hop heads and those newly converted to craft beer alike. We think he nailed it, but try it for yourself and let us know what you think.


Kölsch Style Ale

For those who are not familiar with the Kölsch style ale, it is only legally allowed to be produced in Cologne, Germany. That is why, when you do see it, it is presented as “Kölsch Style” instead of just “Kölsch”. We understand Cologne, it is a truly good style of beer with all the light flavors that you would expect in a pilsner but it takes only half the time to make. We are troubled by the fact that because the name is regulated most of the rest of the world has little knowledge style. However, we are here to change that.

What makes this beer important to us: We took the traditional “Kölsch Style” and worked it up a bit with adjunct grains and hops we felt best complemented each other. This style is perfect on those hot summer days, but it is also refreshing enough to be enjoyed anytime. So good in fact that it may coin the phrase “Eventide Style Kölsch”, and don’t worry Cologne, we’ll let you call it that too.


Dry Irish Stout

Our rendition of the Dry Irish Stout follows with the traditional light body with dark flavors, however, we incorporated a little more ABV into the style and moved the dark flavors up to balance it out. The recipe has just a hint of Coffee and a bit stronger finish with the same drinkability that has made this style a favorite among beer drinkers for generations. Our target for this modified Dry Irish style is for the typical stout drinkers that want something with a little more taste and body. It’s slightly bigger all around so, in house, we like to call it the Dry American Stout.

 What makes this beer important to us: We are big Stout fans. One of our founders is known to drink his stout at room temperature, and all year long. Also, we love the stout because we feel that it is the most misunderstood beer style. Everyone we speak to is floored when we tell them “This beer has the fewest calories, and lowest alcohol of any of our beers”. So for us we are trying to help educate people on the world of beer with our stout, and produce a stout which fills that gap for a “Stout that makes you come back”.


We feel that each style we plan to begin production with is good enough to stand on its on but is not so extreme to turn off any individual group. There are many more recipes in our arsenal, and you will see these released as our seasonal and specialty offerings. Whether you are looking for a beer to relax with on a hot summer’s day or would prefer something to spice up a cold night, we have the beer for you. Each recipe has been devised with painstaking care and utilizes only the best ingredients available. No shortcuts are taken with any of our products because that is what our passion demands. We stand by our claim that “Great Doesn’t Have to be Complicated”, but it still has to be great.



***By the way, all of these profiles are available under the “Beers” section of our website. Make sure to check back often as we plan to add new beer profiles periodically.

Our blog theme this week is about giving you a more in depth look at Eventide. Monday we expanded on why we are called Eventide, today we will tell you a little more about our team.

Left to right: Nathan, Mat, Haley, & GeoffreyYeah, we are really that blurry in real life.

Left to right: Nathan, Mat, Haley, & Geoffrey
Yeah, we are really that blurry in real life.


Nathan Cowan (CEO) brings the technical experience to the team. With over 10 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and Construction he is the guy we rely on to tell us how to design and build all the things that get dreamed up around here. His primary role on a day to day basis is to plan our business growth and make sure we comply with the mile high stack of regulations.

Nathan’s passion for brewing stems from the high level of engineering and coordination involved in the brewing process as well as his interests in business development. He is uniquely qualified with an understanding of critical project development steps and the challenges of design implementation. Brewing allows for him to expand on all these areas and push past his current achievements.

Mat Sweezey (VP Marketing) is the man with the plan, the plan to get you involved that is. His passion is marketing and anything that allows him to use his creative talents to engage with the community. When we start rolling out those cheesy promo’s you will know who to blame… J/K.

Mat’s love for marketing gives his work a unique edge. He as been named as one of the top 5 marketers in Atlanta by the Technology Association of Georgia, and is currently finishing up his book on advanced marketing theory. As any marketer would, Mat truly loves working with consumer products, and none is sexier right now than beer.

When Mat’s not locked away in his office working on new campaigns, you will find him outside. Either riding his bike around town, hiking in NE Georgia, or hitting the slopes. Mat’s love for the outdoors and his local community also shines through in Eventide’s social engagements, like the Cullen Branch Memorial Grant which he introduced in memory of his late friend.

Haley Cowan (Brand Manager) is our candor and virtue. In addition to being involved in almost every facet of what we do she keeps us (or, god bless her, she tries to keep us) walking the strait and narrow. Not that we are particularly bad, we just have a habit of not really thinking things through sometimes. She is definitely not one to suffer fools, so if you ever meet her don’t let that pretty face and sweet southern demeanor throw you off.

Haley has a drive like no other; before she decided to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy she was a leader in sales. Her passion is not so much for the production process of beer as it is sales and the success of those around her. Although she is a sucker for Belgian ales, she is namely motivated by the dream of a husband and a long time best friend to make more than beer, to build a company that will support many more families and friends in time.

Geoffrey Williams (COO) is the taste and talent behind our products, and is who keeps production moving. He know whose ass to kick (mostly ours) to get product in and out in a timely manner. As a twelve year veteran of logistics and supply chain management he knows all the right lines to keep production and warehousing running, and, also, to get that tired truck driver out of the casino (or other unreputable establishment) and back on the road, not an easy task by any stretch.

Geoffrey began brewing over 2 years ago and what was once a hobby has consumed his life ever since. A perfectionist of his craft (pun intended), each batch of beer is carefully thought out and developed to ensure the highest quality end result. His recipes go through multiple phases before being finalized and approved for general consumption which ensures that only the highest level of product will ever make it to the consumer. As a result, his beers have won multiple awards and he has recently been granted the honor of becoming a certified BJCP judge. His idea of the brewing process is best summarized in a quote he often references by Vince Lombardi which reads, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we catch excellence.” This guides his way of thinking and is the driving force behind his passion to create and sustain something great without all of the complications.




Over the past week we have had a lot of people congratulating us on our next step, but we have also had a good many questions. We have had a lot of people ask us, “What does the name Eventide mean?”

First you’ll need some background. Eventide is comprised of four main people. Nathan Cowan, Haley Cowan, Geoffrey Williams, and Mathew Sweezey. We were all living in Atlanta when we got together to form the company, which was a good way from home for most of us. We talked about the lazy days of growing up in our home towns, and the lessons we learned as a result of our small town upbringing. One main lesson from our youth was learning how to enjoy the simple things in life, and it was that lesson which inspired us in the creation process for Eventide. We decided to create a company which would allow us to focus on those simple things and to devote the same quality of life we grew up with into our business and product. We asked Nathan’s sister to help us out with this. Cori is an amazing writer, and she did a great job putting our feelings on the matter down on paper. Her synopsis serves as the foundation for our company ideal now and was a driving factor in helping us choose a name. Here is what she wrote.

Maybe this is just the lazy weekend and a bit of homesickness talking, but at the moment, I’d go with a name that gave off the feeling of ‘home’ or ‘oasis’. A ‘sit down and relax’ note. Like a rocking chair, a front porch swing or a hammock. Things that make you think of slow, lazy days like a screen door slamming or the hum of the old freezer in Jordan’s store when we’d go to buy Gatorade, honey buns and push pops. Kids riding bicycles and throwing rocks (or skipping stones if you had the water for it). Dusty roadsides and blackberry patches. Cicadas screaming on summer afternoons. The smell of rain and the stillness that comes before a thunderstorm. – The one thing you guys all have in common is growing up on an old dirt road …. even if Geoffrey or Haley had one that wasn’t dirt, because I don’t know. But I do know that you guys are all Southern. All the way down. Just like peaches, sandy soil, fresh-cut grass that smells like onions, snapping turtles, red clay that stains clothes, cotton fields, slash pine ‘forests’, applebutter jelly, grits and church on Sunday. Just like the damned gnats. – Cori Cowan 

The name search went in every direction we could see. We looked at hundreds of possible names, and went back and forth for weeks on which one was the proper name for us. We finally came up with the concept of “Eventide”. It felt good, and seemed to fit our image quite well.

So what does it mean? The dictionary says it means “Evening”, but to us it means relaxation, calm, and a time of peace. It is the time of day that the world around you slows down a bit and you are fully able to enjoy your surroundings. Once our beer is out there, Eventide will take on a different meaning in each person’s mind and, now that you know what it means to us, we are excited to see what it will mean to you. So, when you are drinking our beer, we hope you have reached the Eventide of your day and can relax and enjoy what we have created for you.



We are happy to announce Eventide Brewing will be helping to sponsor the Atlanta Beer Week, October 20-27. Our sponsorship level is Bronze, which is the most basic sponsorship, but we felt that even though we are in the start up phase and do not have a great deal of capital lying around we wanted to give what we could to something we believe in. And furthering craft beer, especially in Atlanta, is something we will always champion.

Here are a few updates on what we are doing for Atlanta Beer Week:

  1. Giving the Cullen Branch Grant to a lucky Charity on Monday on the 23rd
  2. Celebrating another Atlanta Beer Star on the 22nd
  3. Having a Pub Visit, where we’ll give away some swag on the 24th
  4. T-Shirt Raffle on the 25th
  5. An Eventide merch scavenger hunt on the 26th
  6. Volunteering at the Beer Chase on the 27th

We hope you come out and join us, and all the other sponsors, in support of Atlanta Craft Beer week. It should be a good time for a great cause.



Yesterday at 7:30 pm a vote was held, and passed unanimously, to allow the creation of up to 200k barrels per year in Decatur, GA. The reason this is important is because there currently isn’t any ordinance on the books allowing the production of beer. This would open up the doors for both Three Taverns and Blue Tarp to start production in Decatur.

200k barrels per year is a large amount of beer. You can compare this to SweetWater at 100k barrels per year, but that isn’t a fair comparison because it took them a lot longer to reach 100k barrels than it will someone starting a brewery now. This is due to the growing craft market which has been steadily on the rise for the past few years. So, if you figure that a start up brewery can hit about 20k barrels after about 4-5 years (based on averages, yes it can be much more or less), that gives Decatur the ability to have 5-10 craft breweries in the area, all possessing the ability to have sizable productions.

What do we think about this? We think it is great. Many people ask us if, with all the new breweries coming online, we are worried about being lost in the shuffle? No, not at all. We feel that there is plenty of room for all comers, especially with us all making and specializing in different types of malted beverages. There are plenty of thirsty people with like and differing tastes wanting something great to drink. We, and others like us, are excited to provide those people with the opportunity to discover everything they have been missing or always wanted in a beer.


Eventide Team

Our Philosophy on Brewing and Business 

We decided to write about this because recently we have had a lot of people asking us “What Makes You Different” and we feel that our philosophy on brewing and business is that key thing which makes us different. Eventide was created to allow the three of us to create a company where we can do the work we love to do, and to create something we can be proud of. To help us create that company we are focused on primarily on two things. Our culture and quality.

Culture is what we focus on most, because a healthy work culture fuels our passions for what we do.  We want our company to be  something we love to work on every day, and proud to be apart of. So having a culture where you want to show up every day and give it your all is important to us. We have taken hints from other great companies like Pardot in figuring out how to create our culture to support that. We believe that if all of our team members are supportive, self starting, and positive we can create that culture.

Our positive, self starting, and supportive culture also flows out into our community in everything we do. This is why we created and continue to sponsor the Cullen Branch memorial Grant. This grant allows us to memorialize a great friend of ours as we give a small grant to an Atlanta charity focused on either Arts, Outdoors, or the local Community each month.

Quality is the other item we focus on. We have worked with a ton of different styles and flavors over the years, and constantly work up new ideas. New ideas and flavors are great, but they never leave our hands unless they are the best we can make. If we are proud of our beer, and believe that we made the best beer possible then we are happy and feel we have accomplished our goal. If others want to drink it too, then that is even better. It’s this attention to quality which as already won us 2 gold medals for our beers and gains us great feedback from any tasting session we hold.

So how are we different? How are we Great? Most people would say that everyone has a different definition of “Great”, and we agree. We might think our Stout tastes great, but someone else might not prefer it. At the end of the day all we want to be concerned with is whether or not we made something we are proud of and did we enjoy ourselves doing so? If we did that, then in our minds we have accomplished our primary goals and can focus on improving the smaller aspects of the company. So by mainly focusing on two things, our culture and quality, we feel that “Great Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated”.


Prepping for the Great Atlanta Beer fest –

We announced last week that we will be participating in the GABF, and we are looking forward to this event with great anticipation. Not all Beer Fests are the same, especially for brewers, and we are very excited to work with the crew that puts on this event because of a few key reasons.

They support Local. These guys love and support the local community, and feature all the local micro breweries as well as other craft producers. Monks Mead is a great example of this. Monks Mead, brewed in Georgia, will be featured there, and it is also made by one of the founders of the GABF.

They respect our Craft as brewers. This is a huge plus for us. Most festivals ask for free beer, but not these guys. They actually pay for the beer! So that money you are paying isn’t going straight into their pockets, it’s going to pay for the beer, the event and the advertising. So, in short, the brewers are treated fairly and this makes for a much more enjoyable experience as a result. Most festivals say “if you want to be here, give us free beer, or pay us money!”. These guys don’t, they respect our craft and pay for it.

They run a good event. You’ll find plenty of time as a brewer to set up, have fun, meet everyone, and chill before the event stars. Also you’ll have plenty of help getting everything set up. They’ve done this a few times, and have it down pat. This translates into better accommodations for the guests and much more fun for everyone involved!

As we continue to get ready for the event, we would like to invite any and all brewers in the area that are planning to be on the shelf soon to put this event on your list of places to be. It is good investment of your time and a great platform for your product. Also, it’s a lot of fun and everyone can appreciate that.



We just finished up a big double brew day on Sunday, and have included a few pics from yesterday which you can see below.

We brewed our APA and our Stout, both of which we will be bringing to market shortly. We’ve also had a lot of interest from fans and followers asking about sitting in on a brew day, and we are trying to set up a date, time, and place which will fully accommodate this process. We’re very excited to have others involved and are working on putting this together, so keep an eye out for further information.


The Eventide Crew