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One of our goals here at Eventide is to support our community and improve the lives of those in it. To that end we created the Cullen Branch Memorial Grant to honor the memory of a dear friend and to support those in need. The grant is available to support local arts, outdoors, or education. We are proud to announce this month’s┬árecipient, Camp Caglewood.

Camp Caglewood was founded more than ten years ago by former camp Glisson workers who have a passion for helping others. Caglewood’s main outreach is helping the developmentally disabled learn life skills through outdoor programs.Their programs include outdoor day trips, camping, and common fellowship with others who share their interest and those who care for them.

We are pleased to award the camp with the Cullen Grant and are confident it will go towards improving the lives of those who participate in Camp Caglewood’s programs.

If you would like to support them or learn more about CagleWood please visit their site at

Here is a picture of our late friend, Cullen, with Caglewood campers. `