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Debate this!

Mathew Sweezey —  October 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

With the presidential election cycle in full swing, we have finally reached debate season. In response to this magical time we have noticed a few great ideas for bringing a little levity to these events, and since we are not here to talk politics, but beer, let’s assume that we are going to suggest ways to combine the two things. Yes, we’re talking about drinking games.

We have found various games around the internet, with a few coming via Facebook. Here is a list of the best one’s we found for your enjoyment. To be clear, this is all for humor, and we’re not suggesting that this is the only way to digest a debate (seriously, it is a right and duty to educate yourself on who will govern this country). However, if you do decide to engage in these festivities, please be so kind as to send us some funny pictures or stories. It’s all in good fun after all.

Best Presidential Debate Drinking Games:

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Mac Engle: Lets Do This: Obama v. Romney drinking game

Vanity Fair: Grimly Realistic Debate Drinking Game 

National Journal: Colorado Edition