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Prepping for the Great Atlanta Beer fest –

We announced last week that we will be participating in the GABF, and we are looking forward to this event with great anticipation. Not all Beer Fests are the same, especially for brewers, and we are very excited to work with the crew that puts on this event because of a few key reasons.

They support Local. These guys love and support the local community, and feature all the local micro breweries as well as other craft producers. Monks Mead is a great example of this. Monks Mead, brewed in Georgia, will be featured there, and it is also made by one of the founders of the GABF.

They respect our Craft as brewers. This is a huge plus for us. Most festivals ask for free beer, but not these guys. They actually pay for the beer! So that money you are paying isn’t going straight into their pockets, it’s going to pay for the beer, the event and the advertising. So, in short, the brewers are treated fairly and this makes for a much more enjoyable experience as a result. Most festivals say “if you want to be here, give us free beer, or pay us money!”. These guys don’t, they respect our craft and pay for it.

They run a good event. You’ll find plenty of time as a brewer to set up, have fun, meet everyone, and chill before the event stars. Also you’ll have plenty of help getting everything set up. They’ve done this a few times, and have it down pat. This translates into better accommodations for the guests and much more fun for everyone involved!

As we continue to get ready for the event, we would like to invite any and all brewers in the area that are planning to be on the shelf soon to put this event on your list of places to be. It is good investment of your time and a great platform for your product. Also, it’s a lot of fun and everyone can appreciate that.



Once again our friends at the Great Atlanta Beerfest are putting together another great line up this year. The date for this year’s GABF is September the 8th, and it goes from 3-8pm at Turner Field. If you’ve never been to this event, then you should really put this date down on your calendar. It is a great time.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Lots of pretzel necklaces
  2. Great Beer from tons of breweries
  3. At Turner Field!
  4. That’s where all the pretty people will be, we’re just saying!
  5. It’s one of Atlanta’s best beer festivals hands down
  6. We’ll be there!

Yes, we’ve been invited to participate in this years event. We won’t be serving beer (thanks GA laws) but will be meeting with everyone and filling everyone in on our next moves which should be settled by then (fingers crossed!). The plan will be to unveil our new location, and initial production date for the Atlanta market at this event.

So grab your ticket, make your pretzel necklace, and put on your dancin’ shoes. We’ll see you in a few weeks.