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Over the past week we have had a lot of people congratulating us on our next step, but we have also had a good many questions. We have had a lot of people ask us, “What does the name Eventide mean?”

First you’ll need some background. Eventide is comprised of four main people. Nathan Cowan, Haley Cowan, Geoffrey Williams, and Mathew Sweezey. We were all living in Atlanta when we got together to form the company, which was a good way from home for most of us. We talked about the lazy days of growing up in our home towns, and the lessons we learned as a result of our small town upbringing. One main lesson from our youth was learning how to enjoy the simple things in life, and it was that lesson which inspired us in the creation process for Eventide. We decided to create a company which would allow us to focus on those simple things and to devote the same quality of life we grew up with into our business and product. We asked Nathan’s sister to help us out with this. Cori is an amazing writer, and she did a great job putting our feelings on the matter down on paper. Her synopsis serves as the foundation for our company ideal now and was a driving factor in helping us choose a name. Here is what she wrote.

Maybe this is just the lazy weekend and a bit of homesickness talking, but at the moment, I’d go with a name that gave off the feeling of ‘home’ or ‘oasis’. A ‘sit down and relax’ note. Like a rocking chair, a front porch swing or a hammock. Things that make you think of slow, lazy days like a screen door slamming or the hum of the old freezer in Jordan’s store when we’d go to buy Gatorade, honey buns and push pops. Kids riding bicycles and throwing rocks (or skipping stones if you had the water for it). Dusty roadsides and blackberry patches. Cicadas screaming on summer afternoons. The smell of rain and the stillness that comes before a thunderstorm. – The one thing you guys all have in common is growing up on an old dirt road …. even if Geoffrey or Haley had one that wasn’t dirt, because I don’t know. But I do know that you guys are all Southern. All the way down. Just like peaches, sandy soil, fresh-cut grass that smells like onions, snapping turtles, red clay that stains clothes, cotton fields, slash pine ‘forests’, applebutter jelly, grits and church on Sunday. Just like the damned gnats. – Cori Cowan 

The name search went in every direction we could see. We looked at hundreds of possible names, and went back and forth for weeks on which one was the proper name for us. We finally came up with the concept of “Eventide”. It felt good, and seemed to fit our image quite well.

So what does it mean? The dictionary says it means “Evening”, but to us it means relaxation, calm, and a time of peace. It is the time of day that the world around you slows down a bit and you are fully able to enjoy your surroundings. Once our beer is out there, Eventide will take on a different meaning in each person’s mind and, now that you know what it means to us, we are excited to see what it will mean to you. So, when you are drinking our beer, we hope you have reached the Eventide of your day and can relax and enjoy what we have created for you.