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Our Philosophy on Brewing and Business 

We decided to write about this because recently we have had a lot of people asking us “What Makes You Different” and we feel that our philosophy on brewing and business is that key thing which makes us different. Eventide was created to allow the three of us to create a company where we can do the work we love to do, and to create something we can be proud of. To help us create that company we are focused on primarily on two things. Our culture and quality.

Culture is what we focus on most, because a healthy work culture fuels our passions for what we do.  We want our company to be  something we love to work on every day, and proud to be apart of. So having a culture where you want to show up every day and give it your all is important to us. We have taken hints from other great companies like Pardot in figuring out how to create our culture to support that. We believe that if all of our team members are supportive, self starting, and positive we can create that culture.

Our positive, self starting, and supportive culture also flows out into our community in everything we do. This is why we created and continue to sponsor the Cullen Branch memorial Grant. This grant allows us to memorialize a great friend of ours as we give a small grant to an Atlanta charity focused on either Arts, Outdoors, or the local Community each month.

Quality is the other item we focus on. We have worked with a ton of different styles and flavors over the years, and constantly work up new ideas. New ideas and flavors are great, but they never leave our hands unless they are the best we can make. If we are proud of our beer, and believe that we made the best beer possible then we are happy and feel we have accomplished our goal. If others want to drink it too, then that is even better. It’s this attention to quality which as already won us 2 gold medals for our beers and gains us great feedback from any tasting session we hold.

So how are we different? How are we Great? Most people would say that everyone has a different definition of “Great”, and we agree. We might think our Stout tastes great, but someone else might not prefer it. At the end of the day all we want to be concerned with is whether or not we made something we are proud of and did we enjoy ourselves doing so? If we did that, then in our minds we have accomplished our primary goals and can focus on improving the smaller aspects of the company. So by mainly focusing on two things, our culture and quality, we feel that “Great Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated”.