Cellar Series
As we have grown  as a brewing operation over the past year, our list of beers has continued to expand with us. We released 6 beers in 2014, and have already released 2 new beers this year! Among those offerings are some higher gravity beers such as our Strong Scotch Ale (Highlander) and our Belgian Dark Strong Ale (Snowpocalypse). We are releasing our next high gravity beer into the market this week, which will be a Belgian Golden Ale called “Revivale”. The best part about all of these bigger styles is they can be aged in our cellar, and that is exactly what we plan to do.

We have held back a set number of each of our bigger beers and they are currently cellaring at the brewery. They will be released one at a time to allow you to see the progression of the beer as it ages. This will be a special part of our tasting room which is planned to open in April. Here’s a great video on our tasting room, and a link to our Kickstarter campaign supporting it. 

The cellared ales will change in flavor, complexity, and finish as they age. We have already tried our hand cellaring a few beers and the results have been amazing. Our strong scotch ale was allowed to cellar for up to three years, at which time it poured out with a rich smoothness and light carbonation. The color was a deep amber, and the beer had a silky, smooth mouth feel with tasty notes of malty sweetness, nuttiness, and a hint of fruit. It was truly a pleasure to drink, and something that we all hope to sample again soon. It’s easily one of the best scotch ales we’ve ever had (unbiased, we swear) and it has showed no signs of deterioration as it has aged.

The plan for the tasting room is to release a style once, every so often and allow you to keep up with them in your tasting journal. Then you can go back and see how the beer has changed in flavor and complexity over time. This is a unique experience which we want to be able to provide. Look for the first release of the cellar series to be coming out later in the summer, and more offerings will be added to the cellar as we progress.