Thanks to everyone who has asked to help us out. We’ve had a few different forms people have filled out to let us know they want to help. We’ve had a lot of people on Facebook let us know they want to help as well, so we’ve created a a sign up form to make this easy.

We’ll have two up coming volunteer days. One will be a general clean up the brewery day, and the other will be a very special “Tap Day” where we will be building out taps. The dates are not 100% set in stone but looking like the end of August. If you would like to sign up please fill out the form below. Also we’ve set up a special page to let you sign up at any time if you would like. We will be following up with you via email to let you know the dates and times.

We want to thank you in advance for helping, and will make sure to make it a great time!