Check out our calendar for our tour & tasting schedule! 

Visit our events calendar for an updated list.

Tours  – Per Georgia Law, breweries in Georgia sell tours that include complimentary tastings up to 36oz. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! If you think that Georgia breweries should be able to sell beer please feel free to contact your local representative, or, call us! We love talking about it too.




Pet Policy – We think that a dog is a human’s best friend. You’re more than welcome to bring your pets with you to hang outside and on a leash.   If it’s too hot or too cold or too wet please plan accordingly.


Kid Policy –  We pride ourselves on being family friendly. Please let us continue this by keeping your children within arms reach. Any property damaged by children will be the responsibility of the parent ( ex. $350 Corn Hole Boards).


Single Release Thursday – Every Thursday we release a special beer from the depths of our cooler. There is only one keg so once it kicks it’s gone forever. Get it while you can!


Curiosity Club – The Curiosity Club is now in partnership with The Homestead Atlanta. One the third Wednesday of every month we host local craftspeople to present their skill, talk about their hobbies, and provide knowledge of craft. Enjoy a presentation, great beer, and fellow curious minded folks as we further our passions together.


Social Night with Intown Healthy Hound – The second Thursday of each month 10% of our sales will go to benefit a neighborhood Dog Park. Check out our calendar to see which Thursday benefits your neighborhood. Per our pet policy (see below) your dog, cat, chinchilla, iguana, etc are welcome outside on our green space only.


When it Rains We Tour –  If rain drops are fallin’ on your head, good news! All tours are 20% off. Get outside and do your rain dance to make it pour!


Last Call – We call last call 15 minutes prior to closing. Our taps are closed 5 minutes prior to closing.